PTO Bylaws

Revised May 26, 2015




The name of this organization shall be the John F. Kennedy Middle School Parent Teacher Organization (JFK PTO).


The objective of this group shall be to develop a closer relationship between the home and the school, that the parents and the teachers of John F. Kennedy Middle School may cooperate in the education of the child.


  1. A. This organization shall be nonprofit, nonpartisan and nonsectarian.
  2. B. The purpose of this organization shall be educational, informative, and objective, but shall not seek to direct the technical

function nor control the operative policies of the school.

  1. C. No commercial enterprise and no political candidate shall be endorsed by this organization. Neither the name of the

organization nor the names of its Executive Board Members in their official capacities on the JFK PTO shall be used in any connection with a commercial concern or with any partisan interest. This organization may cooperate with other agencies active with children’s welfare.


All teachers, school personnel, and parents or guardians of children attending John F. Kennedy Middle School may become members.

  1. A. To become a member, one must register and pay the annual dues as established by the organization. The dues of the PTO

shall be determined annually in June by a majority vote of the Officers and the Board Members. The annual dues for all teachers and school personnel shall be half that which parents or guardians shall pay. In cases of financial hardship, a member may submit a registration form without payment of dues, inside an envelope marked as “Confidential.” The dues of such member shall be sponsored from donations received from other members at the time of registration or, in the absence of donations, from the JFK Cares fund.

  1. B. A member shall be deemed in good standing when such member is a registered PTO member. Only members in good

standing of the organization shall be eligible to vote on JFK PTO business matters or to serve in any of its elective or appointive positions, with the exception of the President or Vice President position. In order to serve in the position of President or Vice President, a member in good standing shall also attend the majority of JFK PTO meetings in a given school year, and/or volunteer for a PTO activity or event, and/or be a current or previous Officer, Coordinator, or committee Chairperson, including any previous Executive Board experience in the elementary school setting.

  1. C. Quorum shall be the majority of the members present.


  1. A. The officers shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  2. B. These offices may only be held by one person at a time.
  3. C. DUTIES:

1. President

  • • Preside over all PTO Meetings.
  • • Monitor progress of committees and solicit reports from Chairs for Executive Board meetings.
  • • Be involved in all PTO functions and activities.
  • • Participate in all activities/fundraisers sponsored by PTO.
  • • Initiate a vote when needed.
  • • Be the liaison between the PTO and the Administrative staff at the school.  Be signature authority on bank account.

2. Vice President

  • • Act in an advisory and assistive capacity to the President.
  • • In the absence of the President shall conduct the presidential duties.
  • • Prepare and distribute the agenda for PTO meetings.
  • • Oversee the PTO’s Fundraising Program.
  • • Maintain the PTO Mailbox and sort mail weekly.
  • • Fill in for secretary when needed.
  • • Ensure the formation of the Nomination Committee annually.
  • • Ensure the formation of an SHS Scholarship committee annually: The scholarship committee shall consist of three members, not including the Vice President. The Vice President shall gather the applications and give the committee members a copy of each application with the names and any identifiable information of applicants removed/obscured. This allows for an impartial vote. After all of the essays are read the applicant choices are discussed amongst the committee and a winner is chosen.
  • • Be signature authority on bank account.

3. Treasurer

  • • Pay all bills and issue all checks for reimbursement in accordance with the budget adopted by the PTO, as well as when authorized, as specified by the bylaws.
  • • Make all bank deposits.
  • • Reconcile monthly bank statements.
  • • Maintain general ledger for all accounting transactions.
  • • Provide financial reports for monthly meetings.
  • • Oversee the PTO Membership Drive.
  • • Ensure membership dues are voted on at the special Executive Board meeting each June as stated in the bylaws.
  • • Prepare yearly budget with input from Board members.
  • • Ensure the formation of the Budget and Auditing Committees as stated in the bylaws.
  • • Prepare all required tax forms or seek out professional assistance as necessary to complete them.
  • • Ensure all procedures necessary to maintain non-profit and tax-exempt status are followed.
  • • Act as a resource to the Board and membership regarding any financial issues of the PTO.
  • • Maintain and file Financial Books which will be held in the PTO Closet for 5 years.
  • • Execute any responsibilities required in these bylaws under Financial Policies.
  • • Be signature authority on bank account.

4. Secretary

  • • Record the minutes of all meetings including regular PTO meetings, any Executive Board meetings, or any special sessions.
  • • Present previous meeting minutes at the monthly PTO meetings.
  • • Maintain a Minute’s book in which all information shall be held in the PTO Closet for 5 years.  Create and maintain a master email list of PTO contacts (PTO members & Committee volunteers)  Responsible for any mass (e)mailings done by the PTO.
  • • Keep calendar of events for the PTO.
  • • Assist the Public Relations and Technology Coordinators as needed.
  • • Maintain the PTO’s electronic documents/templates on file. Documents shall include those routinely or previously used by the PTO in the performance of its duties, i.e. Meeting Agenda, Treasurer’s Deposit & Reimbursement forms, Fundraiser Flyers, etc.
  • • Ensure that passwords are changed annually on PTO related accounts (i.e. websites, online accounts) at the beginning of the fiscal year in July. The Secretary may change said passwords or delegate such task to the appropriate Board member. The Secretary is responsible for keeping a current log of such accounts and passwords.


  2. B. No more than 2 people shall hold a Coordinator position at one time. If there are 2 persons elected as a Co-Coordinator

position, they shall be given 1 vote to represent that position. If these 2 persons do not agree on what their vote shall be, then they shall abstain from the vote in which there is disagreement.

  1. C. DUTIES


  • • Oversee Book Fair Fundraisers from beginning to end. o Book Fairs are usually held in the Fall (September), Winter (January), and Spring (May).
  • o Act as a liaison between the Representative of the book supply company, JFK Administration, and the PTO.
  • o Recruit and Coordinate volunteers for the Book Fairs.
  • o Keep PTO updated on status of funds/Scholastic dollars raised.
    • • Attend monthly PTO meetings to provide information and updates on Book Fairs.


  • • Research, coordinate, and contract with Cultural Arts programs for JFK.
  • • Act as a liaison between the Cultural Arts performers, JFK Administration, and the PTO. o All programs must be approved by the Administration.
  • o As the performance date approaches, coordinate with JFK to ensure that the performers have any necessary equipment, such as microphones, extension cords, etc.
  • o On the day of the event, be available to greet performer(s) & make payment.
    • • All events must be conducted within the pre-approved Cultural Arts budget.
    • • Attend monthly PTO meetings to provide information and updates on Cultural Arts programs.


  • • Oversee and act as the contact person for Committee Chairperson(s) of all events. o Chairs are responsible for overseeing a particular event. o Recruit volunteers to assist with each event. o Send communications/flyers to the Technology Communications Coordinator for distribution as needed. o Attend monthly PTO meetings to provide information and updates on events. o Stay within pre-approved budget.

o Coordinate with JFK administration and the community where necessary.

  • • Oversee the Hospitality Committee which organizes parent volunteers to provide beverages and baked goods for certain events.
  • • Aid in set up at events throughout the year.
  • • Events may include: Back to School Staff Luncheon, Open House, Incoming 5th Grade Parent Orientation, Teacher Appreciation Cookout/Luncheon, and miscellaneous Student Activities.
  • o Events may be added or deleted as necessary.
  • o All events must be approved by JFK administration.


  • • Research and propose new fundraising ideas to the PTO.
  • • Attend monthly PTO meetings to provide information and updates on status of all fundraising events, including income generation.
  • • Oversee and act as the contact person for Fundraising Chairperson(s) for all fundraising programs. oChairs are responsible for overseeing a particular fundraising program. o Send communication/flyers to the Technology Communications Coordinator for distribution as needed. o Collect orders/ticket sales.
  • o Recruit volunteers to assist with each program. o Attend monthly PTO meetings to provide information and updates on programs. o Stay within pre-approved budget.
  • o Coordinate with JFK administration and the community where necessary.
    • • Fundraising Events May Include: Fall Fundraiser, Spirit wear & School Store, Kennedy Scrip Card Program (KCP), Yankee Candle, Holiday Craft Fair, Fundraising Nights at Wooster Street Pizza & DQ, Family Fun Nights (Rock Cats), Butter Braids & Cookie Dough, Spring Plant Sale, Stop and Shop/Shop Rite/Big Y/Target Registrations, and Box Tops.
    • o Programs may be added or deleted as needed.
    • o All programs must be approved by JFK administration.
      • • Be responsible for ensuring each program runs smoothly.
      • • Analyze the success/failure of programs.


  • • Create/Distribute/Collect Membership Brochure.
  • o Membership Brochure to include:
  1. 1. Instructions on how to join the PTO.
  2. 2. Membership information required, as well as a list of volunteer opportunities for members to check off.
  3. 3. Information on funds raised by the PTO in the previous year and how the funds were utilized.
  4. 4. Contact information of current PTO Board member(s) responsible for Membership.
  • o Submit membership payments to Treasurer.
    • • Attend all JFK Open Houses to promote PTO Membership.
    • • Attend monthly PTO meetings to provide information, promote, and provide update on status of PTO Membership.


  • • Oversee the Volunteer Committee.
  • o Maintain all volunteer lists. o Ensure each Committee Chair has the necessary volunteers to execute their event. o Contact Chairs at least a month or two before their event to provide necessary information (overview of procedure, flyer approval, and contact information for PR Coordinator).
  • o Act as a liaison between Chairs and Administration for flyer approval (this acts both as a check to ensure that Chairs are getting flyers ready in a timely manner, as well as to obtain information for the PTO Facebook account).
  • o Gather and maintain final reports from Chairsupon event completion.
    • • Oversee any Community Services Committees, such as JFK Cares.
    • • Write thank you notes to individuals or businesses, as needed.
    • • Be responsible for the purchase of gifts and/or cards to acknowledge a birth, death, or illness or surgery for a JFK Staff person. The monetary amount spent on these gifts shall be in accordance with the budget adopted by the JFK PTO, & as entered under line item “Sunshine Fund.”


  • • Oversee PTO communications within the school and in the community, & coordinate such communications with JFK administration.
  • • Coordinate with JFK office staff to update the JFK PTO tab on the Southington Schools website, including the calendar of upcoming events.
  • • Make sure all Events and Fundraisers are well publicized by supplying additional communications (above and beyond what the Chairs of those activities are responsible for) as deemed necessary. This may be in the form of the PTO Facebook account, communication for Daily morning Announcements, etc., and may be coordinated with the Secretary.
  • • Be the contact person with the newspaper/news outlets, and regularly notify them of JFK PTO Events.
  • • Maintain PTO Facebook account.


  1. A. This Executive Board shall consist of elected and appointed Officers and Coordinators.
  2. B. The past President of the PTO may remain on the Executive Board, as President’s Advisor, (holding the position and all rights

as such), for the following year.

  1. C. The term shall consist of one year beginning and ending with that of the fiscal year as defined in these bylaws. No officer

shall hold the same position for more than three consecutive terms. There shall be no term limit on coordinator positions. Each person elected shall hold only one executive board position at a time.

  1. D. Resignation of an Executive Board position should be done in writing to the PTO Executive Board with the date that the

resignation is effective. If a Board member is unable or refuses to submit a written letter of resignation, but plans to resign, then a verbal

resignation must be followed by a Motion of Recognition of resignation by the PTO at large. The date and time of the Motion of Recognition of resignation will serve as the effective time and date of said resignation.

  1. E. A vacancy, either due to a resignation or a leave of absence, occurring in an Executive Board Position shall be filled by a

majority vote of the Executive Board with the exception when there is a vacancy in the office of President. In this circumstance, the Vice President shall become the President and a new Vice President will be appointed as indicated above. Any vacancy replacement shall serve for the remainder of the school year.

  1. F. Executive Board Members can be removed from office, with cause, by a majority vote of those present at a regular meeting

where 14 days written notification has been given.

  1. G. The President and/or any 2 members of the Executive Board shall have the authority to call special meetings of the Executive Board as needed. Minutes shall be recorded at all Executive Board meetings and subsequently emailed to the Executive Board. A copy of the minutes shall also be filed in the Minute’s book.
  2. H. Nominating Committee
  • • A Nominating Committee shall be composed of five members; one Officer, one Coordinator and three members in good standing from the general PTO membership shall be appointed by the Executive Board each January to conduct the nomination and election of a slate of Executive Board members for the following school year.
  • • The nomination process shall occur in the months of February through April.
  • • Written notification of the slate shall be presented to the entire membership at least 14 days before elections shall be held.
  • • It is the responsibility of the Vice President to ensure the formation of the Nomination Committee in January. One of the three general PTO members shall be Chairperson of the Nominating Committee, whose duty it is to organize the Committee, and ensure a slate of nominees is presented and elections are held.

I. Elections

  • • Executive Board elections will be held at the general PTO meeting each May, unless the elections are to take place at an extra-ordinary PTO meeting in June.
  • • A nominee must be present in order to be considered for election or have another PTO member present to represent him/her at the election.
  • • The PTO members present will vote via silent ballet. In the event of a tie, those members of the Executive Board who are present will vote, via silent ballet, to break the tie. If there is an even number of Executive Board members present, then the President shall abstain from voting in order to avoid a tie of the Executive Board.


The Treasurer shall keep accurate records of any income, disbursements, and bank account information. A Treasurer’s report shall be presented to the PTO at monthly meetings with line items for income, expenditures, fundraising, and scholastic dollars. A midyear projection report shall be presented to the PTO by the Treasurer at the January PTO meeting. B. Budget Committee

The Budget Committee shall consist of the Officers and Fundraising Coordinator. A tentative budget, including scholastic dollars, shall be drafted in the spring by the budget committee, no later than April 30th for the upcoming school year. The budget shall be proposed at a special Executive Board meeting in May and approved by a majority vote of the Executive Board Members present. C. Disbursement of funds.

Any funds spent outside of the approved budget, including additional scholastic dollars, which are not an emergency, shall be voted on by the general PTO membership at the following PTO meeting. The allocation of these funds is dependent on a majority vote of those PTO members present assuming quorum.

The Officers shall have the authority to vote on time-sensitive issues and/or to disperse emergency funds outside of the approved budget items. This vote must be approved by a majority vote of the Officers in order to authorize the vote on the issue and/or the dispersing of funds. An emergency shall constitute an immediate need that arises in between PTO meetings. The Officers shall be authorized this emergency discretionary fund, not to exceed $500.00, for each school year. D. President’s Discretionary Funds

The President shall have a discretionary fund. This fund shall be a line item in the budget and can be used to fund any item(s) he/she deems necessary without a vote from the Officers or PTO at large. This discretionary fund shall not exceed $250.00 for each school year.

  1. E. In order to obtain any reimbursement from the Treasurer, a receipt shall be provided. All checks written for over $100.00 to

an individual shall require written approval with the signature of the Treasurer, as well as a signature from one other Officer, and neither signature may be that of the person requesting the funds. Checks written to acorporation or business shall require this written approval with two signatures only when the check is for more than $500.00.

  1. F. A minimum checking account balance of $500 must be maintained at all times. This amount is not to be used for startup

costs for the following year.

  1. G. All funds raised by PTO events and/or donations shall revert to the general fund. However, any member may make a formal

request at a PTO meeting to allocate funds raised from an existing or new event for a particular project. The request must be approved by a majority vote of the members present.

  1. H. Allocation of any excess funds raised throughout the year once all bills are paid, minimum checking is maintained, and

startup costs for the upcoming year are considered, will be considered and discussed by the Executive Board members at a special Executive Board meeting in June, and approved by a majority vote of Executive Board Members present.

  1. I. Fiscal Year

The fiscal year will run from July 1st to June 30th. J. Auditing Committee

The Auditing Committee is a committee of 5 people: Principal or Assistant Principal, one current Board member, one former Officer (preferably a former Treasurer), as well as 2 general PTO members in good standing. This committee shall examine the Treasurer’s accounts annually to coordinate with the end of the fiscal year. One of the two general PTO members shall be the chairperson whose duty it is to ensure an audit is performed annually. The Treasurer and Fundraising Coordinator will submit end of the year reports to the Auditing Committee and will be available for follow up. Alternatively, the PTO Executive Board shall have the authority, by majority vote, to hire an outside accountant to review the financials of the PTO as needed. K. IRC Section 501 c 3

Notwithstanding any other provisions of these articles, the organization is organized exclusively for one or more of the purposes as specified in section 501 c 3 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, and shall not carry on any activities not permitted to be carried on by an organization exempt from Federal Income Tax under IRC 501 c 3 or corresponding provisions of any subsequent law.

The organization may be dissolved with 30 days notification and a 2/3 vote of those present and voting at the meeting. In the event of dissolution, all of the remaining assets and the property of the organization shall, after payment of all necessary expenses thereof, be

distributed to the organizations that qualify under section 501 c 3 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, or to the Federal Government or State or Local governments for a public purpose subject to the approval of a Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of Connecticut. Thus, any remaining funds shall be used with the approval of the same majority vote of the membership present, for the benefit of the school.


  1. A. The meetings shall be held at John F. Kennedy Middle School.
  2. B. At least seven meetings will be held each year. The meetings will be held the last Tuesday of the month at 6:45 pm, unless

otherwise provided by the Executive Board.

  1. C. Each elected Board Member shall attend at least five meetings per year in order to complete a one year term. If a member is

unable to attend five meetings and/or fulfill the obligations of the position as set forth in Article V and VI above, the member will resign and a replacement will be voted upon by the Executive Board.

  1. D. “Roberts; Rules of Order Revised” shall govern the organization in all cases in which they are applicable AND are not in conflict

with these bylaws.

  1. E. Annual Meeting
  • • The last regular meeting of the year shall be held in May. An extraordinary meeting may be held in June, if necessary.
  • • New Executive Board Members shall be elected at this meeting and shall take office at the end of the fiscal year.


  1. A. These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the organization by a majority of members present and voting and

providing that written notification of the proposed amendment shall have been given 14 days prior to the date of the meeting at which action is taken. Once amended by majority vote, the changes will go into effect immediately.

  1. B. Bylaws shall be reviewed/revised at a minimum of every 2 years, or as needed.

Created May 2013

Revised 8/2013

Article VII C: Revised May 26, 2015