Kennedy Cares

Dear Families & Staff of JFK:

Kennedy Care is a PTO program in which JFK families assist other families within our school that may be experiencing difficult times or have exceptional needs. This program has been successful in years past because so many families volunteer to share their resources with those in need. We hope that you will welcome the opportunity to make a positive difference for a child and or family in your own school community by becoming a Kennedy Care Resource Volunteer.

As needs arise, the JFK social worker will contact the Kennedy Care coordinator who will then contact the volunteers that have indicated a desire to help in their chosen areas. Strict confidentiality of those needing assistance and volunteers will always be maintained.

If you have any questions please contact the Kennedy Care Coordinator, Jackie Blancato at Thank you for your generosity and support of Kennedy Care.

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Name:__________________________________ Email:_______________________________

Address:_____________________________________________ Phone:__________________

Child’s Name:____________________________ Grade: ________ Homeroom:___________

I wish to become a Kennedy Care Resource Volunteer. Please contact me on an as needed basis for the area or areas I have indicated below:

______Monetary donation for Thanksgiving Food Baskets

______Purchase a holiday gift for a child (you will receive a list of needs/wishes)

______Monetary donation toward holiday gift program

______Monetary donation for school activity fee (field trip etc.)

______One-time donation to Kennedy Care Fund (check enclosed; payable to JFK PTO)

______0ther Exceptional or Emergency Needs (preparing a meal etc.)

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