Information about the Counseling Department

At J.F. Kennedy Middle School every student is assigned to the same School Counselor for all three years. In addition, there is a full time School Social Worker and School Psychologist. Please feel free to e-mail or call us with any questions or concerns.

  • Counseling services are available to all students during their middle school experience.

  • Counselors provide individual, group, and crisis counseling for students.

  • Counselors serve as consultants to parents, teachers, and administrators regarding test interpretation, career planning, and academic progress and placement.

  • Counselors provide developmental services that will assist all students in reaching their maximum academic, social, and personal potential.

  • Counselors provide schoolwide classroom activities for all students, as defined in Southington K - 12 Developmental Guidance Curriculum, 2005.

The services offerred by the J.F.K School Counselors assist in students' development of a positive and realistic self concept, as part of their educational experience. These self concepts will help them understand and accept themselves, and others, in relation to the world in which we live. The implementation of the schoolwide Guidance Curriculum intends to inspire students to make effective decisions, assist in developing their philosophies of life, and can lead to continued learning in the areas of individual needs and interests.

Counselor Assignments 2018-2019

What is the Role of the School Counselor?

The School Counselor has numerous roles within the school community. First and foremost, we are advocates for our students. We are friendly and helpful individuals who are here to guide and support our students. We are consultants to the students, parents, and staff. We are "teachers" when we are conducting Developmental Guidance Lessons in the classroom. Our roles are endless...

Who Goes to the School Counseling Office?

Every student is entitled to School Counseling Services. Student see the school counselor for a variety of issues and concerns. Students can sign up for an appointment with their School Counselor by writing their name in the Appointment Book located in the School Counseling Office. A pass will be delivered to the student, usually the next day or two, during to homeroom to inform the student of the appointment time.

What Services Does the School Counselor Provide?

  • a friendly "hello"
  • consulting to students, staff, and parents
  • Short term Individual and Group Counseling
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Orientation Programs
  • Scheduling
  • Development Guidance Lessons

What is Confidentiality?

Counseling often deals with very personal and private issues. The School Counseling Department Staff respect students' privacy, except in situations when it is necessary to protect the student's or another person's safety. These include times when the counselor has reason to believe that you are in danger of harming yourself, you are an actual threat to the safety of another person, or situations (past or present) when a child, under the age of 18, is being abused or neglected.

What is a Mandated Reporter?

As School Counseling Department Staff we are "mandated reporters". This means we are required to report abuse or neglect of any students to the Department of Children and Families. To learn more about The Department of Children and Families, please view the following website:

Everything you say is confidential unless you state:

you may hurt yourself

you may hurt someone else

someone may hurt you.

The intent of this is to ensure your safety and the safety of all our students.

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