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Grade 6

  • Team 6A - Team Leader: Mrs. Perry (social studies), Mr. DiNello (science), Mrs. Kinghorn (language arts), Mrs. Sciota (language arts), Mrs. Sterner (math), Mr. Swerling (special education)
  • Team 6B - Team Leader: Ms. Soltys (science), Mrs. Carbone (language arts), Mrs. Colaccino (social studies), Ms. Durso-Smith (special education), Ms. Sullivan (science), Mr. Stiebel (math)
  • Team 6C - Team Leader: Mr. Ghidini (social studies/language arts), Mrs. Lamontagne (science/language arts), Ms. Peruta (math/language arts), Ms. Ramsay (special education)

Grade 7

  • Team 7A - Team Leader: Mrs. Fontaine (social studies), Mrs. Hermann (special education), Mrs. Kazmierczak (math), Mr. Wojtkowski (science)
  • Team 7B - Team Leader:  Mr. O'Neill (social studies) Mrs. Costa (science), Mrs. Fox (math), Mr. Gendreau (special education), Miss Day (Language Arts)
  • Team 7C - Team Leader: Ms. Graff (math), Mrs. Bielewicz (special education), Mrs. Blitz (special education), Mr. Clark (science), Mrs. Horwitz (Language Arts)

Grade 8

  • Team 8A - Team Leader: Mr. Preissler (social studies), Ms. Guilmette (language arts), Mrs. Jacobs (special education), Mrs. Lane (math), Mrs. Wasserman (science)
  • Team 8B - Team Leader: Mrs. Madden (math), Mr. Dunham (science), Mr. Hartt (social studies), Mrs. Michaels (math), Mr. McDonald (special education),
  • Team 8C - Team Leader: Ms. Graff (math), Mrs. Bielewicz (special education), Mrs. Blitz (special education), Mr. Clark (science), Mrs. Horwitz (language arts)