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Grade 6

  • Team 6A - Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Sterner, Mr. DiNello, Mrs. Sciota, Mrs. Kinghorn, Mr. Swerling
  • Team 6B - Ms. Sullivan, Ms. Soltys, Mr. Stiebel, Mrs. Carbone, Mrs. Colaccino, Mrs. Jacobs
  • Team 6C - Mr. Ghidini, Ms. Peruta, Mrs. Lamontagne, Mrs. Brooks

Grade 7

  • Team 7A - Mrs. DeSimone, Mrs. Kazmierczak, Mrs. Maringola, Mrs. Fontaine, Mrs. Hermann
  • Team 7B - Mrs. Craigie, Mr. Leiner, Mrs. Grasso, Mrs. Pepin, Mrs. Olear
  • Team 7C - Mr. Hinman, Mrs. Zipadelli, Mrs. Blaszczyk, Mr. Clark, Mrs. Bielewicz

Grade 8

  • Team 8A - Mrs. Galka, Mrs. Wasserman, Mrs. Lane, Mr. Preissler, Ms. Durso-Smith
  • Team 8B - Mrs. Michaels, Mr. Hartt, Mr. Dunham, Mrs. Madden, Mrs. Velsor
  • Team 8C - Mr. Hinman, Mrs. Zipadelli, Mrs. Blaszczyk, Mr. Clark, Mrs. Blitz

Recommended Supply Lists

To aid parents and guardians in purchasing the necessary supplies for students at Kennedy, each grade level has compiled a list of materials that are recommended to purchase in preparation for the coming school year. Please understand that these lists are not required for students to purchase in completion, rather they reflect the supplies that teachers recommend for an easy transition into that course.

Entering 6th Grade

Entering 7th Grade

Entering 8th Grade