Principal's Message

Welcome from the Principal:

You can read my resume that speaks to the who and what of me,

But what it can’t say is the why of me,

The why of my educational philosophy

That has its roots back when I was a boy growing up in Waterbury.

My neighborhood and best friend,

We were inseparable back then, always together

Except in school because of its artificial segregation.

You see teachers tabbed me intelligent and Rick the underachiever

Put in as he would say “the dummy classes,”

Which was an irony

Since he was the street-smart one, the one with common sense.

In time we went separate ways:

Me the road to education, Rick the hard road.

We lost touch and it hit me hard to hear he passed away back in 2010

Just after he finally gotten his life together again.

It was for kids like Rick that I went into education.

I believe every kid can learn

If we understand what is needed and just how to teach not classes but individuals.

That motivation led me to my Masters degree in special education

To complement and strengthen my English degree,

A concentrated effort to reach every kid I’d teach,

And that in a nutshell

Is the why of me that makes the what and gives identity to the who of me

As an educator.