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Informing Students of Eligibility

DePaolo Middle School

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)

Informing the students of his/her eligibility to be considered for NJHS:

1) Letters are sent home to all students who have met the academic eligibility standard of a 3.65 grade point average (GPA). All GPAs are based on the prior year’s grades.

2) Eligible students are requested to attend a mandatory meeting (meeting is held a minimum of two weeks prior to the due date of the completed Student Activity Forms) where the faculty advisors explain the Student Activity Form and how to complete it.

3) It is explained to students that NJHS is not an academic organization, but a service organization. The importance of activities and community service in the selection process is also explained. The Faculty Council is looking for students to be involved within the DePaolo community and the Southington community. Not just one or the other.

4) An Example Student Activity Form is given to all students.

5) All students are given the opportunity to make an appointment to meet with a faculty advisor to review and/or complete the Student Activity Form.

6) Students are reminded of the due date (located on the cover sheet of the Student Activity Form) of the Student Activity Forms through morning announcements. The morning announcements can also be seen in writing on the front window of the main office and on the DePaolo Middle School webpage.

7) The day after the deadline all parents/guardians of students who did not complete and hand in the Student Activity Form are contacted via phone or email. Students may still return a completed Student Activity Form after the deadline, but it will be marked late.