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J.A. DePaolo Middle School is a charter member of the National Junior Honor Society. This organization is open to all students who fulfill the requirements as stated in the national organization and the adopted bylaws of the chapter.

To be considered as a candidate for acceptance in this organization the student must attain the following standards:

1. Show outstanding character

2. Show outstanding citizenship

3. Show leadership qualities

4. Show outstanding scholarship

5. Show good service to school and community

Outstanding character, citizenship and leadership will be judged using the following:

- Student Activity Form -Teacher Recommendation -Discipline Records

Outstanding scholarship will be judged using the following:

Grade 7 and 8 candidates must maintain a 3.65 cumulative grade point average; all classes will be included; the student must maintain a grade of S or better in his/her physical education class.

The following values will be assigned to each letter grade:

A+ = 4.0 A = 3.8 A- = 3.6

B+ = 3.4 B = 3.2 B- = 3.0

Membership consideration shall be determined by evaluating the grades from the student's previous year for both grade 7 and grade 8 students. This is per national guidelines.

Outstanding service to school and community will be judged using the following:

- Student Activity Form (which will include adult supervisors and phone contacts for the supervisors along with any additional explanations provided by the student)

If at any time a student falls short of any of the above requirements he/she may be placed on probation for one marking period. If no improvement is shown the student may be dismissed after this probationary period.

We hope this program will help the students develop leadership and pride in DePaolo, in other students, and in themselves.

Informational websites about the National Junior Honor Society:

http://www.nhs.us/ (the NJHS homepage)