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Sports Regulations


Your child may desire to try out and participate on an athletic team at DePaolo Middle School. Soccer, cross-country, basketball, and baseball are offered for boys. Soccer, volleyball, cross-country, basketball, softball and cheerleading are offered for girls. This letter is to make you aware of health regulations necessary for eligibility to participate on a school team.

According to the Southington Board of Education procedure, every student trying out for and participating on a school team must register on

In order to participate in the Southington Public Schools sports program in grades 6 through 12 please note the following instructions:

• A physical examination is to be completed and documented on the State of Connecticut Health Assessment form within 13 months of the sport season in which the student will be participating. This physical is valid only for 13 months after the date of the exam.

• If the physical expires during the sport season a new physical will be required to continue participation in the sport.

• The front page of State of Connecticut Health Assessment form must be completed and signed by a parent or guardian.

  1. Provide the school nurse with your child’s current physical.

• registration and current physical is required for tryout, practice and play.

• If your student requires an epinephrine auto-injector, inhaler, or diabetes medication discuss this with your student’s coach and remind your student too safely carry the prescribed medication at all times.

• Be sure the doctor or authorized prescriber has documented that the student can self-administer the prescribed medication on the appropriate medication authorization form. The specific medication authorization forms needed are available from your School Nurse.

• Medications delivered to the School Nurse for use during school hours are only available during the school day. They do not follow the student to sporting events or after school activities. Please have another medication available for your student to carry for activities or have your student self-carry their prescribed inhaler, diabetes medication or epinephrine auto-injector at all times.

All coaches and school personnel must enforce this procedure as required by the Southington Board of Education in order that each student may have a healthy and safe sports season. Thank you for your cooperation.

Physical Education

No one is excused from physical education classes due to being on Southington Athletic teams. Students medically excused from participating in PE classes cannot participate in any athletics practice or competition until cleared by a physician to return to PE class.


• If you need assistance with registration, contact FamilyID at: 888-800-5583 ext. 1 or

• FamilyID also offers online chat during business hours.

• Support through FamilyID is available 7 days per week and messages will be returned promptly

• For any questions/concerns, you may contact the Southington High School Athletic Department at 860-6283229 x 11425 or email the Athletic Secretary