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Mrs. Capobianco
ELA and Science

Mrs. Duprey
ELA and Math

Mrs. Phelps
Learning Specialist

Mrs. Walsh
ELA and Social Studies

Yellow Team Academics


6th grade math curriculum uses the Connected Math Program which is language based and organized into various units. The students are learning the pre-algebra process for completing math problems.


6th grade science curriculum is based on the state standards for science. The four main concepts we cover in class are: Weather, Earth's Changing Surface, Earth and Solar System & Water: the Human Impact.

Social Studies:

6th grade social studies curriculum is aligned with the state standards for social studies. The units include: Map Skills (integrated throughout the year), Canada, Southeast Asia (with an emphasis on China and Japan), & Europe. Current events will also be included when relevant.

Language Arts:

6th grade language encompasses reading, writing, listening & speaking skills. The Reader's and Writer's Workshop Model is used. We will utilize mentor texts to model exemplary reading and writing techniques.

Classroom Expectations ~ Our team expectations are based upon DePaolo Patriot Pride:

Take Pride in Yourself...

  • Be on time with materials
  • Listen and follow directions
  • Participate actively
  • Strive for excellence
  • Complete all in and out of class assignments
  • Inform teachers in advance if you will miss class time

Take Pride in Each Other...

  • Be courteous
  • Keep hands, feet & objects to yourself ~ respect personal space
  • Respect other people's property

Take Pride in Your School...

  • If required by teacher, keep book covered
  • Use classroom materials appropriately
  • Leave classroom in good condition
  • Keep desks and walls free of graffiti
  • Recycle appropriately

Want to Know More About What the Yellow Team is Doing? Below are some ways to increase communication between home and school.

Homework Hotline

Need homework information? Call the Homework Hotline at 860-628-3260, extension 13402. It will be updated daily.

Please read below the Grading Policy

All teachers strive to meet student's individual needs as they arise. In education this is referred to as differentiation. This can occur daily during instruction or assessments. If a differentiated assessment for regular education students is occuring in any content area it will be indicated here.

This week:

***None at this time

If you have any questions please contact the teacher indicating the differentiated assessment directly.

***Please note that assessments for students with IEP's, 504 plans, or in an EIP process are differentiated as prescribed by those respective plans and it is the expectation that parents of those students affected by this have already been notified and are in agreement with the arrangement.

After-School Help

Yellow Team teachers are available for extra help on Mondays and Wednesdays after school. Other days may also be available upon request. Tuesdays are always faculty meeting days and students may not remain after school. Please give us the courtesy of letting us know one day in advance if you wish to stay after school.