Silver Team Academics

Course Descriptions ~


6th grade math curriculum uses the Connected Math Program which is language based and organized into various units. The students are learning the pre- algebra process for completing math problems.


6th grade science curriculum is based on the state standards for science. The four main concepts we cover in class are: Scientific Method, Plate Tectonics, The Solar System & Water in Our Environment.

Social Studies:

6th grade social studies curriculum is aligned with the state standards for social studies. The units include: Map Skills (integrated throughout the year), Geography, US/Canada, China, Japan & The European Union. Current events will also be included when relevant.

Language Arts:

6th grade language encompasses reading, writing, listening & speaking skills. Reading instruction is based on teaching a variety of reading strategies to increase comprehension. A variety of writing and grammar skills will be taught to improve expository writing, our focus in 6th grade. During Readers' & Writers' Workshop sessions, we will utilize mentor texts to model exemplary reading and writing techniques.

Classroom Expectations ~ Our team expectations are based upon DePaolo Patriot Pride:

Take Pride in Yourself...

  • Be on time with materials
  • Listen and follow directions
  • Participate actively
  • Strive for excellence
  • Complete all in and out of class assignments
  • Inform teachers in advance if you will miss class time

Take Pride in Each Other...

  • Be courteous
  • Keep hands, feet & objects to yourself ~ respect personal space
  • Respect other people's property

Take Pride in Your School...

  • If required by teacher, keep book covered
  • Use classroom materials appropriately
  • Leave classroom in good condition
  • Keep desks and walls free of graffiti
  • Recycle appropriately

Team Grading Policy

Students' quarter grades will be calculated based on the following categories:

  • Assessments (tests, quizzes, projects)
  • Classwork
  • Homework

Students and parents may monitor grades online through the Parent Portal of Power School.

Math Grading Policy :

Homework = .20 (every 5 assignments = 50 pts.)

CBA Homework = .15 (100 pts.)

CBA Quiz = .40 (100 pts.)

Quiz = 1.00 (100 pts.)

Test = 2.00 (100 pts.)

Projects = 1.00 or 2.00 (depending on the project assigned)s=10-20%

Social Studies Grading Policy

Silver Team Social Studies is graded based on a total points system. Students are informed of the value of each assignment, quiz, test or project in advance. Term grades are computed based on the number of points earned divided by the number of points possible. Quizzes will account for approximately 40%, Performance Tasks/projects 30%, Homework 15% and Classwork- 15%. Daily homework will receive no credit if not turned in on time. Multiple night homework (usually projects or maps) will have points deducted for each day it is late. The number of points will be specified on the rubric or written directions the students receive. Grades will be posted in a timely manner on PowerSchool.

Grade 6 Language Art Grading Per Term

  • 2 Homework Grades ~ each counts as 1 quiz grade
    • Homework assignments are averaged twice per term ~ once at midterm and once at the end of the term
  • 2 – 4 Reading Log Quiz Grades ~ each reading log counts as 1 quiz grade
  • 2 – 3 Daily Oral Language Quizzes ~ each counts as 1 quiz grade
  • 1 – 2 Performance Tasks/Tests ~ each counts as 2-3 quiz grades
  • 6 – 10 Additional L.A. Quizzes (Reading & Writing Workshop) ~ each counts as 1 quiz grade

The above categories align with the following percentages:

10% of the grade is homework

65% of the grade is quizzes

25% of the grade is performance tasks/tests

Percentages could vary based on amount and type of assessments given during any given term.

Science Grading Policy

Grading Policy

Everything counts! Classwork, homework, assessments, and projects are graded. I use the system of total points.
For example, a quiz question may be worth 2 points, if there are 20 questions, that quiz is worth a total of 40 points. If the student scores a 38, he/she has earned an A. The computer program will automatically compute this. It works out to be roughly about HW=10%, CW=10%, Assessments=80%, Projects=10-20%