Red and White Renegades

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Kimberly Simone (Math)

Jen Stanton (Language Arts)

Elvira Volpe (Social Studies) 

Patrick Hamel (Learning Specialist - White)


Red & White Team Academic Integrity Policy



Forgery-Falsifying a parent’s signature on a document (i.e. report card, permission slip, quiz or test grade)

  • The first time a student forges a parent’s signature; our team will notify parent(s) explaining that a document was forged.
  • Additional forgery will result in an office referral. At that point, administration will assign the consequence.

Cheating-Cheating on assignments (homework and classwork), quizzes and/or tests

  • If a student cheats on a homework or class assignment, s/he will earn a failing grade and parent(s) will be notified.
  • If a student cheats on a quiz or test, parent(s) will be notified and the student will have a chance to retake the quiz or test, with 55 % the highest possible grade.
  • Repeat infractions will automatically result in failing grade and an office referral.

Plagiarism-presenting a piece of writing that has been copied (internet, book, etc.) and presented as being your own book.

  • If a student plagiarizes, parents will be notified. The student will earn a failing grade until the assignment is redone, with 75 % as the highest grade possible.
  • Repeat infractions will automatically result in a failing grade and an office referral.

A Note About Differentiation


All teachers strive to meet student’s individual needs as they arise. In education this is referred to as differentiation. This can occur daily during instruction or assessments. If a differentiated assessment for regular education students is occurring in any of our content areas it will be indicated here within the upcoming assessments link.


If you have any questions please contact the teacher indicating the differentiated assessment directly.


***Please note that assessments for students with IEP’s, 504 plans, or in an EIP process are differentiated as prescribed by those respective plans and it is the expectation that the parents of those students affected by this have already been notified and are in agreement with the arrangement.