Gold Team Language Arts

7th grade language arts is comprised of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

In class students will read a variety of texts (novels, short stories, poems, speeches, articles, etc.) that will enhance their understanding of literature and literary elements. In addition, students will build their reading skills through the selection of independent reading books.

A variety of writing and grammar skills will be taught through mentor texts and writing exercises. Students will start the year writing narrative stories and progress to argument writing, informative writing, and then poetry.

Reading UnitsWriting Units
Launch and Reboot Reading Workshop

A Deep Study of Character

Historical Fiction & Drama

Argument Reading

Social Issues Book Clubs

How to Eat a Poem

Writing Realistic Fiction: Symbolism, Syntax and Truth

The Art of Argument

Writing About Reading: From Reader’s Notebooks to Companion Books

Poetry: Immersion and Innovations

Be Prepared:

  • blue/black pens or pencils
  • LA binder with 4 tab dividers and filler paper
  • Independent reading book
  • Planner

Thank you,

Beth Curtin