Welcome Back 7th Grade

Meet the Gold Team Teachers

Ms. Yuille - Math eyuille@southingtonschools.org

Mrs. Curtin - Language Arts ecurtin@southingtonschools.org

Ms. Shea - Science dshea@southingtonschools.org

Ms. Sanchez - Social Studies dsanchez@southingtonschools.org

Mrs. Kathryn Roman- Spanish kroman@southingtonschools.org

Mrs. Roman's website

Mrs. Linda Iasevoli - Learning Specialist liasevoli@southingtonschools.org

Mrs. Mary Catherine Decoteau - French mdecoteau@southingtonschools.org

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Homework Hotline

860-628-3260 Ext. 13405

For course descriptions, please visit the Gold Team pages for each subject area under Gold Team on the left side of this page.

Grading - Grades will be derived from assignments entered into the following four categories and will count with the following percentages.

Test Level Assessments 45%

Quiz Level Assessments 35%

Classwork/Graded work 20%

Students who receive a grade lower than 60 on an assessment have the opportunity to attend a reteaching session with the teacher to try to raise the grade to a maximum of 70. In order to qualify for this opportunity, students must have attended an extra help session on the skills assessed or must have completed all of their homework assignments that cover material for that particular assessment.

All teachers strive to meet student's individual needs as they arise. In education this is referred to as differentiation. This can occur daily during instruction or assessments. If a differentiated assessment for regular education students is occurring in any of our content areas it will be indicated here.