Math Team

Description of the club: This traveling math team attends competitive meets six times a year at various high schools in the Hartford region. Transportation is by bus. There is no cost to the student.

The “A” team is composed of five members (including at least one underclassman and at most two seniors) whose scores represent the school. All other members are on the “B” team. Membership on the two teams is based on attendance and scores earned at the previous meet(s) – students may move on and off the “A” team as warranted by their achievement and/or attendance.

Sample activities: The bus leaves for each meet immediately after school and returns about 6pm (depending on where the host school is located.) Each student competes in 3 of 5 individual rounds and the team round. A light snack is served upon arrival at the host school. During practice sessions, members work with the type of problems that are encountered at the meets.

Meeting times: Practices – 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month Sept. through May.
Meets 1st or 2nd Wed. of each month October through April.

Who should join? Students of any grade and math ability who find math interesting and enjoy solving math problems are welcome to join the team. Students who wish to broaden their knowledge of and experience with diverse math problems which they may or may not have seen in the classroom. Underclassmen are encouraged to join and are an integral and necessary part of the competitive team along with more experienced upperclassmen.