Notifications will go out in morning announcements about three weeks in advance of a show to remind interested students to "get their acts together" to prepare for auditions.

. About one week before auditions, there will be a notice in the announcements about where audition sign ups are located - usually in the guidance office (so students can sign up during lunch waves). Sign up clipboard will have time slots to make appointments. The auditions may run three hours or more, so appointment times are important in expediting the audition process. Students do not need to wait in line, but be ready for their audition time in the place announced (Chorus or Band room).

. Because there is no "dress rehearsal," students need to come prepared with a "show ready" act. Acts may be intrumental and/or vocal, comedy, drama, dance, artistic or other suitable entertainment. Students may use a "karaoke" type instrumental as long as it is on a CD disk. Please make sure appropriate language is used in the act (no swearing, etc.).

. There will be amplification for the show, but not the auditions. If you do an acoustic or electric guitar solo - bring your own amplifier (we may have one available). Please do not use "effects" - keep in mind we want an "acoustic style" show.

. If students need assistance with guitar or other instrument accompaniment, or with background vocals, they need to let us know TWO WEEKS before auditions so we have enough time to rehearse their acts. Coffee House Team students can accompany acts or Mrs. Jenkinson can also assist with background music or vocals.