Chronicle (Yearbook)

The Chronicle (Yearbook)
Advisor: Ms. Patterson
860-628-3229 x11335

Students design and create the yearbook using an on-line program from Lifetouch Yearbooks. No experience is necessary - if you would like to be a part of The Chronicle, you are welcome to work with us.

Graphic Design: The yearbook is created by a small number of people (usually not more than 5-6 students) yet it has to look like it was created by a single person. We accomplish this by using design templates that are created by Lifetouch or by making our own templates. More often than not, we begin with a Lifetouch template and adapt it to fit the pictures and images we have to work with. Students who have worked on the book before often have an idea to share, and we literally run with it. We sketch it out on paper, and then transfer it online. Creating a single double page spread may take a few hours to design and place, or it may take a few days!

Michael Ricciardone (Class of 2017) has designed several layouts for Drama Club Productions and Junior Proms that have been feature layouts in Lifetouch publications with national coverage.

Yearbook Writing: Yearbook writing is not quite the same as an argumentative essay. We try to capture the highlights of an event or a season with commentary from students who were there. The goal of the text is to create memories of the wonderful things that have happened at school that will resonate with students this year, and five or ten years from now.

Photography: A picture really does tell the story. Students are always welcome to share photographs for senior casuals, special times with family and friends and more. The key to "getting published" is to be in contact with Ms. Patterson, the advisor, to meet deadlines. Because this is a student created publication, we need your pictures (and you great ideas for page designs) to include everyone in the yearbook and create the best memories for the graduating class. Photos can be uploaded directly to our Lifetouch website. Go to the Chronicle Deadlines page for the site address and code.

Review & Editing: Every page has to be looked at several times to be sure that the pictures and text boxes are aligned correctly, pages are numbered, names are included and spelled correctly, and more. Consistency and accuracy are always the goal and a top priority; especially when we work together as a group to create the book. But, the yearbook is, at the end of the day, a student publication. A few editing errors slip through now and then, but we always give 100% effort.

Sales, Marketing & Distribution: The Chronicle is a real life business endeavor. We contract for a specific quantity, monitor sales, meet publishing deadlines with the printer and coordinate distribution.


OVERSTOCK SALES: Call or email if you are looking for older books. $20 each.