Student Life

Class Information

Each class has advisors who serve as mentors for the class officers. Below is the contact information for each class advisor. Some class advisors post information about class dues, upcoming events, and other timely information on their individual teacher pages. This page serves as an informational page with names and contacts for parents, students and others.

Class of 2020
Mrs. Murphy
Ms. Nemczuk

Class of 2021
Ms. Martin
Ms. Foresman

Class of 2022
Ms. Bellis
Mrs. Tavera Collins

Class of 2023
Ms. Jayne
Ms. Adams

Class Dues Information


  • Contracts are negotiated with venues years in advance of Class events (Proms, Class Day, Class Night, Breakfast, etc.)
  • Payments to these venues are made based on the number of students in each class.
  • Payments are made to the venues ahead of time.
  • There is not enough money in class accounts to refund monies that have already been paid to these venues.