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September, 2020-June, 2021

Each month, all the departments at SHS have an opportunity to recognize a student that has done a good deed within the class, assisted the teacher, or has been recognized for going the extra mile.

MAY 2021

KATIANN B. – HEALTH & PHYSICAL EDUCATION (nominated by Mrs. Murphy)

She is one of my health students who I can always count on to participate and smile when she walks in the classroom. She is eager to learn in the classroom and works incredibly hard to do her best day in and out. I have truly enjoyed having Katiann in class this semester.”

GRACE C. – AGRICULTURE SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (nominated by Mr. Bostrom, Mr. McLaughlin, Mr. O'Keefe, Ms. Stanavage, Mrs. Stannard & Mrs. Wilcox)

“Grace has been enthusiastic about all areas of agriculture since day one of her freshman year. She has also taken the next step in her leadership development by getting involved in local and State FFA activities. She was the winner of a fun virtual FFA 'crafty' event and her winning "Dump 2020!" truck design was featured in an agricultural publication. She also entered a State FFA event and placed 2nd with her spring agricultural photo. She most recently helped with the spring plant sale. We are looking forward to 3 more great years with Grace!”

BRENDAN C. – BUSINESS (nominated by Mrs. Brooks)

“Brendan is in my 7th period Sports and Entertainment Marketing class. He has been attending in school all semester in person and has been thriving in the course and really puts an extra effort into putting smiles on faces behind masks. He has stepped up in a big way by joining DECA to work on producing items in the school store and will become an officer next year.”

ADAN E. – COUNSELING & SUPPORT (nominated by Mrs. Velsor)

“Adan has been self-advocating and keeping up in all his classes. He has taken a new student who just returned from remote under his wing and has been a positive peer role model. He has improved his grades in all areas and is always polite and respectful to all staff.”

ALEXIS F. – LANGUAGE ARTS (nominated by Mr. Lindblom)

Alexis is a dependable, hardworking young person. She is always willing to volunteer when necessary. She is also very helpful to her fellow students.”

ERIKA G. – COUNSELING & SUPPORT (nominated by Mrs. Crouch & Mrs. Hosmer)

“For May, we nominate Erika as our Make My Day student. In the two years Erika has been enrolled at SHS, she has shown her true colors in many ways. Her natural intelligence combined with her exceptional work ethic has helped her to exit our EL program this year. To accomplish this goal in less than two years is no easy feat while working remotely in the midst of a pandemic. Erika’s sweetness and kindness shines through her positive interactions with her classmates. She is always going the extra mile and all of her teachers speak positively about her character and willingness to participate in class discussions. She is a joy to have in class both in person and remote. Erika is always respectful to others and willing to take a chance as she continuously develops her oral and written language. Congratulations, Erika!”

“Para mayo, nominamos a Erika como nuestra estudiante de Make My Day. En los dos años que Erika ha estado inscrita en SHS, ha mostrado sus verdaderos colores de muchas maneras. Su inteligencia natural combinada con su ética de trabajo excepcional la ha ayudado a salir de nuestro programa de EL este año. Lograr este objetivo en menos de dos años no es tarea fácil mientras se trabaja de forma remota en medio de una pandemia. La dulzura y amabilidad de Erika brilla a través de sus interacciones positivas con sus compañeros de clase. Ella siempre está haciendo un esfuerzo adicional y todos sus maestros hablan positivamente sobre su carácter y su disposición a participar en las discusiones en clase. Es un placer tenerla en clase tanto en persona como a distancia. Erika siempre es respetuosa con los demás y está dispuesta a arriesgarse mientras desarrolla continuamente su lenguaje oral y escrito. ¡Felicitaciones, Erika!”

RILEY H. – MATHEMATICS (nominated by Ms. Kalinowski)

Riley has struggled with math a bit this year but always stays after school and always asks questions in class. Riley also attends my morning help session at 7am and is at times trying to join prior to the 7am time. Riley always comes into class with a smile on his face and is ready to keep learning. Very respectful and polite.”

ISABELLA H. – HEALTH & PHYSICAL EDUCATION (nominated by Mrs. Wittneben)

“She comes to every class with a smile on her face (which isn't always easy when you have PE period 1. She is the first to help if needed and always makes a point to ask how my weekend was or day is going. She is a pleasure to have in class!”

GAVIN L. – COUNSELING & SUPPORT (nominated by Mrs. Anthony & Mr. Bugnacki)

“Gavin was student tour guide for a new student in the 9th grade academy. You did a great job and were very responsible in your communications to the student. Thank you Gavin for being a model tour guide and wonderfully representing SHS!”

ALISA L. – ADMINSTRATION (nominated by Mr. Aroian)

Alisa and another member organized the Green Knights clean-up of our grounds that took place last Saturday afternoon. More than 20 kids and staff members came up there Saturday afternoon to beautify our grounds.”

TYLER L. – WORLD LANGUAGE (nominated by Mrs. Martin)

This year it has been difficult to connect with students remotely. Tyler goes out of his way to greet me at the beginning of class, ask how I am, and tell me to have a nice day at the end of class. He even tries to give me financial advice about what stocks to invest in (even though I don’t understand any of it). I appreciate having a student with his kind and gregarious nature in my class. Thanks for making my day(s)!

ADREANA M. – FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCES (nominated by Mrs. Proctor)

Adreana is a joy to have in class, she is pleasant and hardworking. She would like to go into the healthcare field and I believe she has the qualities of intelligence and nurturance that are needed.”

JUSTIN M. – ADMINSTRATION (nominated by Mr. Aroian)

Justin and another member organized the Green Knights clean-up of our grounds that took place last Saturday afternoon. More than 20 kids and staff members came up there Saturday afternoon to beautify our grounds.”

SOPHIE M. – SCIENCE (nominated by Mr. Terray)

Sophie comes to school every day, is eager to learn, and is an active participant in the class. She is helpful and has infectious energy and I appreciate her attitude and effort.’

JONATHAN M. – SOCIAL STUDIES (nominated by Ms. Alleback)

Jon has been the most pleasant and respectful student this year under less-than-ideal circumstances. Whether he's remote or in class he always says "hello" and "goodbye" to me which means a lot! Just that simple gesture of kindness makes my day 🙂

ETHAN S. – ART (nominated by Mr. Ehmka)

Ethan Is my choice for May because he is an amazing part of our daily class in graphic design. He is extremely helpful with assignments and willing to help the Para working in the room with Photoshop questions. He is well mannered and always participates in class. He always tries his best and does all he can to assess his work and make tasteful edits and revise his ideas. He truly deserves this award.”

JAMES T. – MUSIC (nominated by Mrs. Ossias)

“James continues to contribute to our orchestra ensemble with a positive attitude and great performance quality. He recently decided to join Musician's Club which meets after school and has really excelled in that group as well! James works hard to improve his skills, all while staying focused on each task at hand. It has been a pleasure having James in the orchestra class this year!”

ANTHONY Y. – TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING (nominated by Mr. Spagna)

“I have had the pleasure of teaching Anthony in our departments Engineering Graphics, Intro. to Technology, and Intro. to Engineering courses this year. I have seen tremendous growth from Anthony over the course of the year in these courses. I am proud of his progress and the work he has completed in each of these courses.”
APRIL 2021

TREYANNA B. – COUNSELING & SUPPORT (nominated by Mrs. Carmody)

“Trey has made significant growth this school year. She is able to regulate her emotions and she uses positive coping strategies while in school. She volunteers in the Achieve on a weekly basis where she is a positive role model to the students in the program.”

OLIVIA B. – MUSIC (nominated by Ms. Zirpolo)

“Olivia is a breath of fresh air every morning during Period 1 Concert Choir. Her optimism and pleasant outlook help to start each day in a positive way. Olivia is helpful to her peers and adults and makes excellent decisions as a teen. She is full of life and her future looks very bright!”

BIANCA B. – MATHEMATICS (nominated by Ms. Bacon)

“Bianca transferred here just after winter break and has been a BURST of positivity in our classroom. She not only says hello to me and Ms. K at the start of every class, but she greets each of her in-person classmates by name too. She made a point to learn their names just to greet them!! She is really a joy and needs to be appreciated for how wonderful she is. Our class would not be the same without her.”

ANTONIA G. - ART (nominated by Ms. Angiletta)

“I would like to nominate Antonia for make my day. She is a junior in my Photography class. I am nominating her because of her hard work ethic, her willingness to help anyone who needs it and her positive, upbeat demeanor she brings to class every day.”

ALISON I. – SOCIAL STUDIES (nominated by Ms. Adams)

“Alison is a true leader within the classroom. She comes in with a such a positive attitude each day and gives more than 100% on each and every assignment. She exudes confidence and is a true role model for others.”

JULIA K. – HEALTH & PHYSICAL EDUCATION (nominated by Mr. Ottochian)

“Julia always sets a positive tone for class. She is always smiling and always in a great mood. She is a role model for the class as her positive personality motivate the class.”

SARAH L. – FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCES (nominated by Mrs. Osborn)

Sarah is always joyful when she is in class. She is helpful to others. She has persevered mightily to complete assignments that have been different from what she is accustomed to doing. She doesn't give up or lose her joyfulness.”

DANTE L. – WORLD LANGUAGE (nominated by Mrs. Cusano)

Dante has been an absolute pleasure to have in class. He is always participating whether he is remote or in class. He shows up every day with a positive attitude and works hard. Dante is always so kind and respectful to everyone in class.”

SADIA L. – COUNSELING & SUPPORT (nominated by Mrs. Crouch & Mrs. Hosmer)

Sadia came to the United States from Bangladesh in June of 2019. When she started at Southington High school, she had very limited English. Sadia was challenged with figuring out a new culture, a new language and new school. Every day, she would come in with a smile on her face, ready to learn. Sadia has always worked hard to do her best in her classes. This year, we have seen a tremendous change in Sadia. Since starting back with in person learning, she has increased her class participation and has demonstrated high motivation. Her teachers reach out daily to talk about how pleased they are with her performance and hard work in class. Sadia has grown so much as a student in the last year. For these reasons, we have selected her as our Make My Day recipient for April!!”

Bengali Translation:

সাদিয়া 2019 সালের জুনে বাংলাদেশ থেকে যুক্তরাষ্ট্রে এসেছিল S তিনি যখন সৌটিংটন উচ্চ বিদ্যালয়ে পড়াশোনা শুরু করেছিলেন, তখন তার ইংরেজি খুব সীমাবদ্ধ ছিল। একটি নতুন সংস্কৃতি, একটি নতুন ভাষা এবং নতুন স্কুল নির্ধারণের সাথে সাদিয়াকে চ্যালেঞ্জ জানানো হয়েছিল। প্রতিদিন, তিনি মুখে হাসি নিয়ে আসতেন, শেখার জন্য প্রস্তুত। সাদিয়া সর্বদা তার ক্লাসে সেরা করার জন্য কঠোর পরিশ্রম করেছে। এই বছর, আমরা সাদিয়ায় একটি দুর্দান্ত পরিবর্তন দেখেছি। ব্যক্তি শিক্ষায় ফিরে আসার পর থেকে তিনি তার শ্রেণিবদ্ধতা বৃদ্ধি করেছেন এবং উচ্চ অনুপ্রেরণা প্রদর্শন করেছেন। ক্লাসে তার অভিনয় এবং কঠোর পরিশ্রমের ফলে তারা কতটা সন্তুষ্ট তা জানাতে তার শিক্ষকরা প্রতিদিন পৌঁছে যান। সাদিয়া গত বছরে একজন ছাত্র হিসাবে এত বেড়েছে। এই কারণে, আমরা তাকে এপ্রিল মাসের জন্য আমার মেক মাই প্রাপক হিসাবে নির্বাচন করেছি !!

RYAN O. – BUSINESS (nominated by Mrs. Schena)

I am nominating him because he is a terrific student, he always submits his work on time, he is the first student to join the Meet, he is friendly and polite, he will volunteer to answer questions in class, and he is part of DECA and FBLA.”

TYLER R. – LANGUAGE ARTS (nominated by Ms. Battista)

“He always comes to the Google Meet first - greets me with a smile, a wave, and asks how I'm doing - every single day! It absolutely brings a smile to my face and honestly starts the class off on such a positive note. He truly sets the tone of positivity right away, and that is something I certainly appreciate. He is also so polite, respectful, and appreciative whenever we interact - especially when asking a question or looking for feedback. Tyler is a pleasure to have in class - even at a distance!”

KAYON S. – COUNSELING & SUPPORT (nominated by Mrs. Ovalles & Mrs. Viens)

You were nominated for being a tour guide to a new student. Both said you were the best tour guide they ever had! You were thorough, kind and an exemplar student representing SHS. Thank you.”

LILY T. – AGRICULTURE SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (nominated by Mrs. Wilcox & Mr. O’Keefe)

“Lily was a bright flower during the bleak winter months in our class. She was always in a cheerful mood and willing to help in the animal labs every day. She earned our trust with her thorough care of the animals and earned our respect when she helped struggling classmates with no prompting from us. She is truly a wonderful, bright young lady.”

QUINN W. – SCIENCE (nominated by Ms. Hatch)

Quinn is a polite, hard working student. Another student in class experienced a loss in his family and was out of school for a week. Quinn offered to help him catch up with his school work. Quinn is always asking how my day is and if I had a good weekend. He brightens my day with how caring he is!”

MARCH 2021

KRYSTAL A. – COUNSELING & SUPPORT (nominated by Ms. Discenza)

Krystal visited the band room, met Mrs. Ossias and stayed the period to play with the orchestra. This was a huge personal milestone for Krystal. I was so proud and happy for her! Krystal and I shared the excitement that day together and she will be joining orchestra next year.”

AIDA D. – HEALTH & PHYSICAL EDUCATION (nominated by Mr. Levesque)

“Aida has a great attitude and is a pleasure in class. She participates every class and is very complimentary to her peers and teachers. She does a great job at putting a smile on everyone's face and she told me that I make her day (LOL)!

LAUREN D. – LANGUAGE ARTS (nominated by Mrs. Horwitz)

“Lauren is a dedicated student and determined optimist even on her hardest days. I admire the hard work that she constantly applies to herself and her school work, and appreciate her thoughtful contributions to our class both socially and academically. It has been a pleasure to have her as my student.”

GERSA E. – BUSINESS (nominated by Mr. Chrzanowski)

“Gersa always comes into class in a good mood and positive attitude. She is always engaged and attentive and asks good questions which is hard to do in an otherwise quiet and sparse classroom.“

MEDINE E. – COUNSELING & SUPPORT (nominated by Mrs. Crouch & Mrs. Hosmer)

Medine came to the United States, from Haiti, in January, 2020 as a sophomore. From the moment she arrived at SHS, Medine has impressed her teachers with her kindness and willingness to work hard in all her subject areas. Medine had only been at SHS for 6 weeks before we went fully remote last March. While remote, Medine attended all her classes, sought extra help when needed and completed her work in a timely manner. This year is no exception. Medine puts in long hours on her schoolwork, makes time to enjoy family time and is studying for her license. She does the above with a smile on her face and with the aspiration of pursuing a medical career in the future. Medine is fluent in both Creole and French which makes her a star in her French IV class. For the reasons listed and the others too numerous to mention, we nominate Medine for our Make My Day winner. Toutes nos félicitations!!

JAMES F. – ART (nominated by Ms. Levinthal)

I have been lucky to work with James over the last three school years in Art class. He has made amazing growth both personally and artistically. James went from being very quiet and reserved to participating in critiquing, sharing his ideas, asking questions, and advocating for himself, to carrying on general conversation. These are huge gains for James in becoming comfortable in the classroom. Additionally, James always makes a point of saying "goodbye, have a nice day or have a nice weekend". His tremendous smile and positivity are absolutely contagious. Artistically, James has made excellent progress. He has very distinct ideas and takes risks when completing his work. He recently completed a mixed media piece that is quite impressive. The quality of the concept, the number of materials he used and the preciseness in how he executed his artistic interpretation really stood out amongst his peers. Quite simply, James is a fine young man and a true pleasure to work with.”

ALYSSA G. – MATHEMATICS (nominated by Mr. Victor)

Alyssa greets me every day, willingly participates in class and generally has a great attitude. The other day in class, Alyssa said out loud in front of the class," Mr. Victor, this is my favorite class". Her grade has gone from mid 70's to mid 80's.”

COURTNEY G. – HEALTH & PHYSICAL EDUCATION (nominated by Mrs. Murphy)

I nominated Courtney because she always brings a spark to physical education class. Her positivity and willingness to participate in all the activities we do in class is commendable. Courtney is a leader in her PE class and I can always count on her for a smile.”

SPENCER L. – SCIENCE (nominated by Mrs. Gamzon)

Spencer starts everyday asking how I’m doing and specifically asks how other students are doing. He is always actively engaged in class, and works hard to help others work through challenging concepts. His positive attitude, great sense of humor, and hard-working nature makes my day every day.”

DANIELA M. – WORLD LANGUAGE (nominated by Mr. Bartoletti)

“Daniela is a natural leader and dedicated student. Her energy and positivity radiate throughout the class whether remote or in person. She is always engaging her peers whether it be a group discussion or an impromptu dance break, setting the bar high and bringing everyone up to meet it, making everyone’s day.”

GENE M. – TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING (nominated by Mr. Robitaille)

Gene took it upon himself to setup new machinery that was delivered to the metal shop this year. In fact, Gene was showing me a thing or two after he had completed his work. He setup three machines for me a horizontal bandsaw, and new milling machine with digital readout, and a new lathe. He has an uncanny mechanical ability and I have no doubt his future will be bright and lucrative.”

AVA M. – ADMINISTRATION (nominated by the SHS Administrative Team)

Ava has risen to the surface at SHS due to her hard work and diligence. She was a driving force in a school wide fund raiser, doing everything from presenting the idea to administration, to advertising, to setting the jugs for the Penny War to securing prizes from local businesses. The SHS Admin applaud Ava's efforts to think and act beyond one's self.”

ADESSA N. – FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCES (nominated by Mrs. Osborn)

Adessa is in 2 Early College Experience classes, UConn Individual & Family Development and Intro to Teaching. She is managing the workload in both courses well and without complaint. She is always prepared for her classes. She always adds to discussions or asks great questions. She is undaunted by the online learning. She is positive and energetic. She has been a tremendous help to me during class when I have technology trouble. She is a great asset in both classes.”

LILLIANA P. – COUNSELING & SUPPORT (nominated by Mrs. Reilly, Ms. Cavanaugh & Mrs. Cahill)

“Lilliana's been helping students when they get stuck and acting as a leader for small groups in class as well as seeking extra help from teachers (on her own) and chose to come back to in person schooling rather than remote because she said she wasn't performing to her full potential.”

RAYMOND Q. – MUSIC (nominated by Mr. Stuppler)

“Ray has become a rising star within the music program. Coming back as a student in Cohort C, he has taken on multiple ensembles and works alongside students in both hybrid cohorts to add structure where there has been a great deal of flux due to the schedule. His positive attitude and great relationship with his peers and teachers make him a pleasure to work with and we are lucky to have him!’

ABIGAIL R. – AGRICULTURE SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (nominated by Mr. Bostrom, Mr. McLaughlin, Mr. O'Keefe, Ms. Stanavage, Mrs. Stannard & Mrs. Wilcox)

Abigail has been an outstanding student this year for the Southington High School Agriculture Science and Technology Program. Abi has made the most of this crazy year and is taking full advantage of all the opportunities the Agriculture Science program has to offer. Abi has taken many skills she has learned in the classroom and has implemented them into her own life at home. She has chickens, extravagant vegetable and flower gardens, and even bees! She is taking the initiative to continue her self-learning by doing all these hands-on activities on her own accord. Lastly, Abi has a fantastic work ethic and is a student that we can always count on to help out with any task at hand.”

JESUS R. – SOCIAL STUDIES (nominated by Mr. Armintrout)

“Jesus has been a bright spot in my morning since he switched from remote to coming to school every day. He comes to first period with a lot of energy and has been doing a good job of channeling it into his work.”


MALAKAI A – MATHEMATICS (nominated by Ms. Kalinowski, Mrs. Dellafera & Mrs. Aras)

“Malakai is a very hardworking student, who always asks questions in class on material or problems he is confused about. In addition, he is always volunteering to provide answers even if they may not always be correct. He is always seeking out extra support if needed whether it is before school or after school. We also nominate Malakai as he may not always get problems correct on homework that are collected which results in deduction of points. However, Malakai reads each comment made on the incorrect problems and always says he will improve and fix his errors before the assessments. Malakai has received great grades on assessments because he is reading and learning from the comments made on his homework. Way to go Malakai!”

HARMONY G – LANGUAGE ARTS (nominated by Mrs. Pasqua)

Harmony’s beautiful smile, infectious giggle and positive attitude make our fifth period class so much fun.

MELANIE H – COUNSELING & SUPPORT (nominated by Mrs. Nemczuk)

“Melanie is a great self-advocate. She is a handworker and role model for her peers. After being out, Melanie came back and arranged time with teachers to make up work.”

CAITLYN H – ART (nominated by Mr. Ehmka)

Caitlyn is one of those students who goes above and beyond with everything she does. Her attention to detail is unmatched when it comes to working through the creative projects we have created in pottery & crafts this year. She is self-motivated, always one of the first to login to the class meets and is a stellar example of what it means to be a model citizen. She is helpful and kind to her classmates and is always ready to work! These are just a few of the reasons why I nominate Caitlyn for the Make My Day award!”

ERIN K – BUSINESS (nominated by Mrs. Jayne)

“Erin is an exceptional student. She is always asking for help and not afraid to unmute and ask questions in the class. Her work is always completed on time and goes above and beyond the requirements. If all students were like her, virtual teaching would be a different ballgame. She logs into class on time, unmutes and stops me if she has a question and digs deeper into the material and again, never afraid to speak up to ask for clarification and more explanations.”

SOPHIA L – WORLD LANGUAGE (nominated by Mr. Fall)

Sophia is an engaged and dedicated French 3 student. She is always on task and she always produces the best in all activities, with diligence and discipline.”

TASMIA L – COUNSELING & SUPPORT (nominated by Mrs. Crouch & Mrs. Hosmer)

Tasmia came to Southington High School in the fall of 2019. She was new to the country, as well as to our school. There were so many obstacles to navigate; language, locations of classrooms, culture. Tasmia remained flexible throughout the process and was determined to be independent. She worked hard in class and asked for help when it was needed. Tasmia has always had big goals for herself and she works hard every day to get closer to those goals. For those reasons, we have nominated her as our Make My Day recipient. Congratulations, Tasmia!”

তাসমিয়া 2019 সালের শুরুর দিকেউচ্চ বিদ্যালয়ে এসেছিল She তিনি দেশে, পাশাপাশি আমাদের স্কুলে নতুন ছিলেন। নেভিগেট করতে অনেক বাধা ছিল; ভাষা, শ্রেণিকক্ষের স্থান, সংস্কৃতি। তাসমিয়া পুরো প্রক্রিয়া জুড়ে নমনীয় ছিল এবং স্বাধীন হতে দৃ determined় সংকল্পবদ্ধ ছিল। তিনি ক্লাসে কঠোর পরিশ্রম করেছিলেন এবং যখন প্রয়োজন হয়েছিল তখন সাহায্যের জন্য বলেছিলেন। টিএসমিয়া সবসময় নিজের জন্য বড় লক্ষ্য রেখেছিল এবং সে লক্ষ্যের আরও কাছে যেতে তিনি কঠোর পরিশ্রম করেন। এই কারণে, আমরা তাকে আমাদের মেক মাই প্রাপক হিসাবে মনোনীত করেছি। অভিনন্দন তাসমিয়া!

MARY M – TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING (nominated by Mr. Mirante)

Mary always comes to class with a smile and ready to learn. Recently she switched to Cohort C to keep me company in class which has very few students that are there in-person daily. But the real smile came when she wore a vintage Van Halen t-shirt. I was happy to see she is cultured in Rock ‘N Roll music!”

RUMMAN S – SCIENCE (nominated by Mr. Niro)

Rumman goes out of his way to arrive early into the meets, greet me pleasantly and ask how I’m doing every day at the beginning of class. He asks great questions, answers willingly often, and turns in exceptional work.”

MARLEE S – MUSIC (nominated by Mrs. Ossias)

“Marlee is an excellent example of a student leader in Orchestra (even though she doesn't think she is!). She is always positive, is not afraid to ask questions, performs with passion, and always has a smile on her face. I have been lucky to have Marlee as an orchestra student for her entire high school career. Her musical journey has been fun and exciting to be a part of, and I wish nothing but the best for her as she prepares to graduate in the spring!”

ISABELLA T – FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCES (nominated by Mrs. Proctor)

Isabella is a conscientious hardworking student. She always brings a smile to class, actively participates and is a joy to have in class.”

DEON V – HEALTH & PHYSICAL EDUCATION (nominated by Mrs. Sanca)

Deon is a pleasure to have in class and always ready to learn. His energy and positivity radiates to his fellow classmates and I can always count on him to put a smile on my face with his warm greetings. He is always the first on my google meets and always laughs at my daily gifs! Not only is he an exceptional student academically but also a really kind person as well!”

VALERIE W – SOCIAL STUDIES (nominated by Mrs. Zimmitti)

“Valerie consistently demonstrates just what an amazing student she is through her positive attitude and unfailing work ethic. She is proactive, engaged and cares so much about what she is learning and the work she is producing. This would be impressive for any student with a typical day; but she manages to accomplish all this while attending the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts and maintaining an extra busy and full schedule. She is such a joy to have in class.” 🙂

January 2021

SEPHORA A BUSINESS (nominated by Mr. Kosinski)

“Sephora is always the very first one to arrive in class virtually. She is always smiling while presenting a continuous positive attitude. Her classwork is very good, and she is more than willing to participate when asked.”

CHLOE A SOCIAL STUDIES (nominated by Mr. Connolly)

“Chloe absolutely deserves to receive the "Make My Day Award". She comes to class every day with a smile and ready learn. Even when she is remote learning, she is not afraid to volunteer and take part in class discussions. It is truly a joy and pleasure to have her in my class.”

AIDAN C – COUNSELING & SUPPORT (nominated my Mrs. Reilly, Mr. Zenowitz & Mrs. Velsor)

“Aidan has an extremely positive attitude, to quote him, "the only person who can change your attitude is you". He has been coming early every day to school for extra help in algebra and has made a conscious effort to improve his grades. Within the Strive room he is an excellent role model for the younger students and has taken several under his wing, to "prevent them from making the same mistakes he did". The students look up to Aidan and enjoy working with him. He is polite and respectful to all staff.”

ANTHONY C – HEALTH & PHYSICAL EDUCATION (nominated by Mr. Gleason)

“Upbeat, outgoing, and fun to be around.”

JEFFREY C – MUSIC DEPARTMENT (nominated by Ms. Zirpolo)

“Jeffrey has been in my classes for 4 years. He is a polite well-mannered gentleman. Jeffrey is consistent in his attendance and schoolwork. He represents the "quiet" population of students that make SHS shine! I am very proud of Jeffrey's academic and social growth.”

TAYLOR G – MATHMETICATICS (nominated by Ms. Reed)

“I would like to nominate Taylor G, Grade 12. She is in my intermediate algebra class and is in Cohort C. Taylor is not a fan of math, but she has been working hard to do well in class. She even comes to my 3rd period class during her support period to get even more assistance. Her engagement has increased exponentially over the past few months, she is always asking questions and letting me know when she is having a hard time. I'm proud of how much she has improved this semester both in academics and her responsibility skills.”


“She always has a smile on her face, is a willing participant in every conversation, has excellent insight for each topic we cover, and brings a positive energy to class every day.”

AIDEN H – SCIENCE (nominated by Ms. Hatch)

“Aiden works very hard, asks really great questions and participates the most in class, both in person and remote. He always says good morning and have a nice day. Aiden is just wonderful to have in class.”

TYLER H - LANGUAGE ARTS (nominated by Ms. Haynes)

“Whether in person or on-line, Tyler consistently comes to class with a positive attitude. He casts a shadow of influence on his peers through his willingness to participate both in person and virtually.”

AREESH J – ART (nominated by Ms. Angiletta)

“Areesh never hesitates to assist a fellow student, always participates in class, and possesses a terrific work ethic. She takes pride in her work and always strives to do her very best!”

LYHENG L – COUNSELING & SUPPORT (nominated by Mrs. Crouch & Mrs. Hosmer)

“Lyheng joined our SHS community in early September from Cambodia. In the few short months he has been in Southington, he has made great strides in both English acquisition and mastering the many computer apps to complete his school work successfully. Lyheng always has a smile on his face, is polite and engaging when interacting with his teachers and tries his best at all times. He treasures the opportunity he has to live and learn in America and always says Thank you to his teachers when the class ends. Congratulations, Lyheng!”

AMANDA L – AGRICULTURE SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (nominated by Mrs. Wilcox & other FFA Advisors)

“Amanda has continued her leadership as an FFA officer and has shown tremendous leadership and responsibility in the Veterinary Science class. She always thinks about ways to get other members involved in FFA and will complete any task given to her as an officer. In class Amanda is hard working and always participating. She sets goals for herself and works hard to achieve them.”

AUSTIN M – TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING (nominated by Mr. Marchesani)

“Austin greets the class every day when he joins and says goodbye. He is one of a few students that do this daily. Austin is always willing to answer questions and be part of an online conversation. When he is in-person he is enthusiastic and willing to engage other students.”

DYLAN S – WORLD LANGUAGE (nominated my Mrs. Zheng)

“Dylan is such a dedicated learner. She actively participates in all class activities whether in person or remotely. She respects the teacher and her peers and encourages other learners in her group.”

MINA S – ADMINISTRATION (nominated by Mr. Halloran)

“Mina has gone above and beyond helping a new student to SHS by showing her around and making her feel comfortable and welcome.”

SARAH S – COUNSELING & SUPPORT (nominated by Ms. Discenza & Mrs. Ovalles)

“Sarah helped a friend seek out her counselor for an important issue. Sarah stayed with her friend and supported her until her friend was able to get help. Sarah displayed true friendship and encouragement to the student. Her friend is lucky to have Sarah in her life!”

NAVEAH W – FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCES (nominated by Mrs. Proctor)

“Naveah is a ray of sunshine. She always has a smile attached to a warm welcome at the start of class. She works hard, is polite, and a pleasure to have in class.”


NASER A – MATHEMATICS (nominated by Mr. Victor)

“He is always volunteering in class, shows intuitive thinking and is very honest. He emailed me one day to tell me he had access to a quiz before we were supposed to take it. I made an error posting it and he told me so I could fix it before everyone saw it.”


Shanya brings a positive attitude every day. She goes above and beyond during the class workouts. She always shares different aspects of her life with the class so we can continue to learn more about her every day.”

JACOB B – LANGUAGE ARTS (nominated by Ms. Battista)

“Jacob sent me a Canvas message one day telling me how excited he was to read The Great Gatsby, etc. which was nice to hear. He then said to me that he knows we are all stressed and annoyed about school not being normal right now, but that we can get through this together and he said to 'hang in there'! It was so thoughtful and encouraging.”

LUKE G – TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING (nominated by Mr. Spagna)

Luke has remarkable determination and work ethic in Engineering Graphics. Though an understanding of the material we are working on may take some time, Luke persists, is constantly on task, and will advocate for himself and ask for help as needed. He takes the initiative both in person, and online let me know when he is stuck, rather than giving up. All around, a great kid to have in class!”

SARAH H – ART (nominated by Ms. Levinthal)

“I have been lucky to have Sarah in class for 3 school years and a variety of different art classes. Without question she is an exceptional artist who stands out for her creativity and the quality of her work. Sarah immerses herself in each and every assignment and always gives 110% as she is very passionate about the work she creates. This work process and ethic is truly admirable, but I actually chose Sarah for this honor because she is also a remarkable person. Sarah is one of those students who arrive to class every day with a smile and she shares her exuberance for life. It is quite simply contagious. I have watched her uplift other students with her genuine positivity and she, probably unknowingly, has often made my day because of how kind she is to me. Sarah is well respected by both her peers and teachers alike. Absolutely fabulous young lady!”

DANIEL K – WORLD LANGUAGE (nominated by Ms. Foresman)

Dan has continued to take Latin into the 4th year. He is a dedicated student and can always be relied upon to participate, whether online or in person. He joins class early and always says a kind goodbye before leaving. It always makes my day!”

DANIEL K – SCIENCE (nominated by Ms. Hatch)

“Daniel always comes to class virtually and in person with a positive attitude. He always greets me and Nicole every day and leaves/signs off with "have a nice day!" He is constantly participating both virtually and in the classroom. Sometimes he asks how my weekend was and how I'm doing that day when he walks in the room.”

MATTHEW L – SOCIAL STUDIES (nominated by Mrs. Ferrett)

“Matthew has shown tremendous resiliency, flexibility, and adaptability this school year as we navigate a worldwide pandemic. Every day, Matthew comes to class (in person or remote) with a smile on his face, a positive attitude, a genuine curiosity, and an uplifting spirit. There isn't a day that Matthew is not working to his potential. He makes my day!”

TAHRIN L – COUNSELING & SUPPORT (nominated by Mrs. Crouch & Mrs. Hosmer)

We nominate Tahrin for the Make My Day Award. This is Tahrin’s first year at Southington High School. From day 1, she has worked hard to do well in all her classes. She is not afraid to ask questions and she is always one of the first students to participate during our class discussions. Working with her this year has been such a pleasure! Congratulations Tahrin!

আমরা মেক মাই ডে পুরস্কারের জন্য তাহরিন লিজাকে মনোনীত করি। এটি সৌহিংটন উচ্চ বিদ্যালয়ে তাহরিনের প্রথম বছর। প্রথম দিন থেকে, তিনি তার সমস্ত ক্লাসে ভাল করতে কঠোর পরিশ্রম করেছেন। তিনি প্রশ্ন জিজ্ঞাসা করতে ভয় পান না এবং তিনি আমাদের বর্গ আলোচনার সময় সর্বদা প্রথম শিক্ষার্থীদের মধ্যে একজন। এই বছর তার সাথে কাজ করে এমন আনন্দ হয়েছে! অভিনন্দন তাহরিন!

RICHARD M – MUSIC (Nominated by Mr. Stuppler)

“Ricky is the definition of selfless service to the band program. He helps everyone, makes others better, and is an ideal band member. He is highly respected by his peers and teachers for his work ethic and dedication. Always willing to lend a helping hand, he goes well above what is expected of the regular band member to help the program succeed. Ricky will be no doubt be a successful Southington graduate!”

TIMOTHY N – BUSINESS (nominated by Mrs. Spinello)

“Tim is in my Marketing 1 class, Period 6. When I had a new student late in quarter 1, he was the first one to volunteer to help her acclimate and share his notes with her. He is always the first to volunteer a response or to help other classmates. I think he's a very deserving candidate.”

LUCIANO P SCIENCE (nominated by Mrs. Pierce)

“He has been fully remote all year but he consistently participates in class, he always says hi and tells me to have a good day, and he's always one of the first people to speak during group discussions.”

GRADY R – FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCES (nominated by Mr. Chisholm)

“Grady is in my Foods for Fitness & Health class and has proven to give 100%, completing all assignments, sometimes earlier than their due date. He is always high energy, smiling and participating in each lesson. I am hopeful he will be interested in future FCS classes.”

GABRIEL S – COUNSELING & SUPPORT (nominated by Mrs. Connolly)

Gabe has made such an improvement from quarter 1. He has really adjusted to the pace of the high school and has turned in all assignments and improved his grades this quarter. He has started self-advocating and his grades are proof of that. Gabe is kind to others and has welcomed new students to the STRIVE to the class making a point to say hello and introduce himself. He is always logged in on time and greets teachers with a smile. His hard work and perseverance make our day!

T. Liza – COUNSELING & SUPPORT (Nominated by Mrs. Crouch & Mrs. Hosmer)

We nominate Tahrin L. for the Make My Day Award. This is Tahrin’s first year at Southington High School. From day 1, she has worked hard to do well in all her classes. She is not afraid to ask questions and she is always one of the first students to participate during our class discussions. Working with her this year has been such a pleasure! Congratulations Tahrin!

আমরা মেক মাই ডে পুরস্কারের জন্য তাহরিন লিজাকে মনোনীত করি। এটি সৌহিংটন উচ্চ বিদ্যালয়ে তাহরিনের প্রথম বছর। প্রথম দিন থেকে, তিনি তার সমস্ত ক্লাসে ভাল করতে কঠোর পরিশ্রম করেছেন। তিনি প্রশ্ন জিজ্ঞাসা করতে ভয় পান না এবং তিনি আমাদের বর্গ আলোচনার সময় সর্বদা প্রথম শিক্ষার্থীদের মধ্যে একজন। এই বছর তার সাথে কাজ করে এমন আনন্দ হয়েছে! অভিনন্দন তাহরিন!

SHELLENID V – ADMINISTRATION (nominated by Mr. Aroian)

Shellenid has been selected as she is leading the Eco Club. She has been organizing fundraising efforts and Earth-saving ideas on her own. She is pushing the club to action.”


KRISTA C. – SCIENCE (nominated by Ms. Hatch)

Krista's personality enters the classroom or google meet before her! She says, "good morning, how are you, how has your day been?" every day. She is bright and attentive and helps to encourage the rest of the class.”

HALEY G. – LANGUAGE ARTS (nominated by Ms. Jorgensen)

Haley is my choice for a Make My Day award winner because of the positive energy she brings to every Composition and Grammar class. When she enters the class, I say hello and I am met with her massive SMILE and vigorous hand waving. She makes me smile and starts every class off with great energy. I wanted to make sure you and she know just how much those 2 seemingly simple gestures mean to me daily. THANK YOU!”

RYAN K. – MUSIC (nominated by Mrs. Ossias)

Ryan has done an amazing job this season in Marching Band. He has really found his musical path and his performance on the clarinet has improved exponentially. Ryan also always has a smile on his face (under his mask of course!), and his positive attitude is always appreciated in band class.”

CHRISTOPHER L. – COUNSELING & SUPPORT (nominated by Mrs. Aras)

I was talking and teaching and my pencil pouch filled with lots of pencils and highlighters fell and exploded all over the floor. He jumped out of his chair to come pick everything up for me. It was a very kind gesture and demonstrates his compassion for others. He has continued to show such great progress this year and this act of kindness made my day!”

CHRIS L. – AGRICULTURE SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (nominated by Mr. Bostram, Mr. McLaughlin, Mr. O’Keefe, Ms. Stanavage, Mrs. Stannard & Mrs. Wilcox)

Chris Lin is an enthusiastic freshman who has shown a genuine interest in all areas of the Agriculture program, including working in the animal labs during his study hall. He continues his happy, positive attitude this year. Chris has been very responsible about meeting the work experience requirement and has volunteered to work on a project that will truly benefit from his artistic ability. Chris is always friendly to other students, upbeat and positive in his interactions with teachers and sincere and dedicated in his focus on academics. It is a pleasure to have Chris in our classes!”

DYLAN M. – SOCIAL STUDIES (nominated by Mr. Hart)

Dylan's passion for history and current events shines through! He is well spoken, always offering up an answer and providing insight. He is a group leader, conducting himself in an even-handed way that attracts peers to collaborate with him and to trust his judgement and depth of knowledge.”

ALEX M. – COUNSELING & SUPPORT (nominated by Mrs. Crouch & Mrs. Hosmer)

Alex came to us last year as a new student from Ecuador. He spoke only a little English and he was nervous about going to such a large school. He quickly adjusted, taking advantage of every opportunity that he could to make new friends and practice English. Alex amazes us every day with his courage and willingness to integrate himself in the school community. He brings so many ideas to our class discussions and is never afraid to ask for help. He is such a joy to work with every day. For these reasons, we are proud to nominate him as the student who Makes Our Day!”


“Alex vino a nosotros el año pasado como un nuevo estudiante de Ecuador. Hablaba solo un poco de inglés y estaba nervioso por ir a una escuela tan grande. Rápidamente se adaptó, aprovechando todas las oportunidades que pudo para hacer nuevos amigos y practicar inglés. Alex nos sorprende todos los días con su valentía y voluntad de integrarse en la comunidad escolar. Aporta muchas ideas a nuestras discusiones en clase y nunca tiene miedo de pedir ayuda. Es un placer trabajar con él todos los días. Por estas razones, estamos orgullosos de nominarlo como el estudiante que hace nuestro día.”

ANDREW N. – BUSINESS (nominated by Mrs. Cooney)

“Andrew is one of the first students to say ‘Good Morning’ and ‘How are you today?’ He is always kind and caring towards other students and myself. He always has a smile on his face and seems to be embracing learning even in these difficult circumstances. He is a pleasure to teach and makes me enjoy my job every day!”

CONNOR O. – ADMINISTRATION (nominated by Mrs. Belanger, Mrs. Angelillo & Mrs. Paradis

Connor totally made our day. He came into the main office, very polite, looking for a specific staff member. When he was leaving he went out of his way to say “have a nice day” to each of us. Just the way he did it, his mannerism, his sincerity, just made us all smile and happy.”

JENNIFER R. – WORLD LANGUAGE (nominated by Mrs. Tavera Collins)

It has been such a pleasure to have Jenn in class for the past two years! Whether in class or remote learning, Jenn is always participating, leading her group in collaborative activities and making me laugh. She has this amazing spirit that I will truly miss next year.”

MADELEINE S. – HEALTH & PE (nominated by Mrs. Colleen Murphy)

I chose Maddie because she is so sweet. She comes to class every day with a positive attitude and is eager to learn in health. She has shared personal stories about her family with me since I have taught some of her siblings in the past. Her smile (behind the mask) is visible when she enters my classroom, and she makes my day!”

JADA-LYNN V. – ART (nominated by Mr. Ehmka)

I selected Jada for so many reasons, she is currently enrolled in AP Art & Advanced photo and truly embodies the attitude and outlook on life we need during these trying times. She is always in class both in person and online welcoming and inquisitive. She is very helpful with technology questions both for her classmates as well as helping me when needed... She takes creative risks with her art and is willing to try new things without the urge to hang onto old familiar habits.”

ISABELLA W. – MATHEMATICS (nominated by Ms. Bacon)

Isabella started off the year not performing the way she wanted to. Recently, she sent an email to all of her teachers acknowledging that it can be tough for her to focus on the computer and asking for help. She has since been reaching out with questions and staying after when she needs a little help because she realized how important it is to make sense of everything before moving on. Her determination to find what works for her despite all this craziness and her willingness to reach out for help is an inspiration!!!


Lindsey A. – Family & Consumer Sciences (nominated by Mr. Chisholm)

“Lindsey is a great student. She always has a positive attitude. All of her work is completed on time and with such detail and thoroughness. It is a pleasure to have her in class and I look forward to working with her for the rest of the semester.”

Kaitlyn A. – Art (nominated by Mrs. Angiletta)

“She is a junior in my Photography class, who took the time to assist a fellow student (remotely) with her camera. She did this without being asked to do so.”

Alexandra B. – Health & Physical Education (nominated by Mr. Gleason)

“Alexandra is a very outgoing student. She is always willing to share “good news”. She stayed after a google meets to talk to Mr. Chase and I to discuss her day. She is always positive.”

Christopher C. – Science (nominated by Mrs. Radziwon & Ms. Monte)

“Chris is always an active participant in our classes even when remote. He has a positive attitude and is always willing to help out. More importantly, Chris really brightens our day by sharing stories and asking how we are. He is a pleasure to have in class!”

Igor G. – Counseling & Support (nominated by Mrs. Crouch & Mrs. Hosmer)

“Since arriving to SHS from Belgium, Igor has been a positive influence in both our class and other classes that he is currently taking. He is one of our last students that attends school daily and is a pleasure to have in class. He takes his classwork seriously and excels in all of our assignments both verbally and written. From our earliest discussions, one can discern that Igor is kind, polite and willing to go the extra mile. For example, Igor voluntarily helps one of our other new student with tech questions, understanding the assignments and most importantly, is a true friend for him.”

„Odkąd przybył do SHS z Belgii, Igor wywarł pozytywny wpływ zarówno na naszą klasę, jak i na inne zajęcia, w których obecnie uczestnicza. Jest jednym z naszych ostatnich uczniów, który codziennie chodzi do szkoły i bardzo miło jest go mieć na zajęciach. Poważnie traktuje swoją pracę na zajęciach i wyróżnia się we wszystkich naszych zadaniach zarówno ustnych, jak i pisemnych. Z naszych najwcześniejszych dyskusji można wywnioskować, że Igor jest miły, uprzejmy i chętny zeby wiecej sie uczyc. Na przykład Igor dobrowolnie pomaga jednemu z naszych nowych uczniów w zadawaniu pytań technicznych, zrozumieniu zadań i, co najważniejsze, jest dla niego prawdziwym przyjacielem ”.

Sarah H. – Agriculture Science & Tecnology (nominated by Mrs. Stannard)

“Sarah decided to take on the challenge of the ECE Class UConn Horticulture. I have known Sarah for the past 4 years and wasn't sure this was the right course for her. I have been consistently impressed by Sarah's commitment to success in this class. She has kept up with notes and classwork, including planning ahead by working on long term projects early enough so I can give feedback. As her teacher, it is most rewarding to see how Sarah is making connections with Agriculture content from previous years. Her interest and enthusiasm shows in class discussions. In fact, she has been able to help other students with some of the plant identification and landscape design content in the UConn class.

I am looking forward to a great senior year with Sarah!”

Elah H. – Music (nominated by Ms. Zirpolo)

“Elah is always prepared for class and is helpful to other students and faculty. She has an excellent work ethic that makes her future look promising.”

Elise J. – Technology & Engineering (nominated by Mr. Spagna)

“Elise is a full remote student in my Electricity & Electronics class. She is on time to class every day and her attendance is impeccable. She will frequently ask questions for clarification and answer questions asked by other students or myself. She has a genuine aptitude for the class and has a fantastic work ethic! She is a pleasure to have in class!

Katrina L. – Social Studies (nominated by Mr. Kemp)

“Katrina is unquestionably one of the best learners I currently have amongst all my 88 eleventh grade students; her 1st Quarter average in CIA CCP is a 98. Ms. Lacombe possesses a positive attitude, a tremendous work ethic and a high intellect; I recently commented to her that a paper she summited, on the 2020 presidential election, would be "worthy of an A even at the collegiate level". She participates fully in class discussions, asks insightful questions, and selflessly aids classmates in need of assistance. It is for these reasons, as well as many others, that I nominate Katrina Lacombe for the October 2020 Social Studies Make My Day Award.”

Nicholas M. – Library & Media (nominated by Ms. Patterson)

“We enjoy Nick's company in the library. We have seen him become a great young man who shares a friendly greeting and pleasant conversation. Nick seems much more comfortable this year. When he was younger, he was a little bit of a "skootch" and more interested in testing school library rules than "going with the flow". While we enjoyed the banter on the topic of rules and protocols in the library, and why we follow them, we really like the changes in attitude, and we are pleased to see Nick maturing so quickly. We will miss him next year!”

Abigail M. – Administration (nominated by Mrs. Stevens)

“The Think Tank came to school on Election Day and wrote positive messages using sidewalk chalk to promote the asset for self-esteem. Abby and Alexis are two of the officers that planned and organized the entire activity. They developed all the messages.”

Alexis M. – Administration (nominated by Mrs. Stevens)

““The Think Tank came to school on Election Day and wrote positive messages using sidewalk chalk to promote the asset for self-esteem. Abby and Alexis are two of the officers that planned and organized the entire activity. They developed all the messages.”

Michael P. - Student Support Center (nominated by Mrs. Zeruk)

“I have nothing but positive things to say about Michael. He is a hardworking student who perseveres thought academic challenges. He always has a positive attitude and is polite and respectful to his peers and staff. Michael always attends his sessions and google meets with me, comes to visit me during free periods, and consistently shows empathy and kindness to others. He is an all-around great kid who is the perfect candidate for this award!”

Ronald P. – Business (nominated by Mrs. Schena)

“I nominate him because he is a hard worker, polite, asks questions during class and is the first one to log on to the Meet and last one to log off. It is a pleasure to have a student that is interested in the subject and always works really hard.”

Marco S. – World Language (nominated by Mrs. Stevens & Mrs. Riccio)

“Marco enrolled in both Spanish 5 ECE courses and is a top contributor in class. He is a very diligent student and has a great attitude.”

Jaelyn S. – Language Arts (nominated by Ms. Daly)

“Jaelyn is an absolute pleasure to have in class. She participates often and is always focused, organized, and on-task. I especially appreciate Jaelyn being my go-to person when I need help with technology!”

Blake S. – Counseling & Support (nominated by Mrs. Barth)

“Blake is conscientious and hardworking. He participates in class and works well with others in groups. He always says hello and goodbye to his teachers. He is not afraid to ask questions when needed.”

Taylor W. – Mathematics (nominated by Mrs. Isner)

“Taylor is in my Algebra II CCP class during period 7. At that time of the day we are all tired. Each day I look forward to her greeting. She always gives me a very loud "Hello... Mrs. Isner." I can't help but smile no matter what my day has been like. She displays this positive attitude even though she doesn't particularly care for the math.”


Mazen A. – World Language (nominated by Mr. Brulotte)

“Mazen is hard-working, has a great attitude, and contributes to a positive learning environment.”

Katherine B. – Science (nominated by Mrs. Bogdanski)

“Katherine's is receiving this award because she has been displaying a consistent positive attitude during these challenging times. She has also personally Made MY Day. During one of our classes I had asked the students if they had any questions, and Katherine responded with "Yes, I have a question. How is your day going?" It really meant a lot to me and set a positive tone to the class.”

Maxwell D. – Mathematics (nominated by Mr. Kowalchuk)

“Max has done an outstanding job to start the year. He is actively engaged in the lessons and is always a willing participant in class discussions. He has a great attitude and has done an excellent job of transitioning back and forth between in-person and remote learning.”

Alexander F. – Technology & Engineering (nominated by Mr. Spagna)

“He is a student in my Electricity & Electronics class. He has a great work ethic, both in class and online. He participates frequently, asks thoughtful questions, and is not afraid to ask for help when he needs it. Any teacher would be fortunate to have him as a student.”

Abigail G. – Social Studies (nominated by Mrs. Kennedy)

“Abigail assisted her teacher and classmates in understanding how a new Learning Management System saved their work. She has continued to show patience and kindness in the classroom during this chaotic time.”

Macy G. – Art (nominated by Ms. Levinthal)

“I have been extremely lucky to have Macy in class for a third year. This has given me the opportunity to watch her grow not only as a student but as a person. Macy has improved remarkably in listening and paying attention to all of the details of the lessons, staying on task, meeting deadlines, responsibly handing in her artwork and her overall creativity. In addition to this she is just a super endearing and fun student to have in class. A real pleasure to chat with. Simply she is a fantastic young lady and I cannot imagine class without her in it.”

Christopher G. – Family & Consumer Sciences (nominated by Mrs. Proctor)

“Chris is very responsible, motivated, and always prepared for class. He is a pleasure to have in class.”

Maxwell H. – Business (nominated by Mrs. Teresa Brooks)

“He has already stepped up as a DECA officer in his first year by attending both of our meetings, is a pleasure to work with, and has such a positive energy that is contagious--just what we need right now!”

Madison M. – Administration (nominated by Mrs. Holst-Grubbe)

“She makes masks, sells them, and all proceeds go to Bread for Life.”

Daxia N. – Counseling & Support (nominated by Mrs. Crouch)

“Daixa is new to Southington High school. The first few days were hard, trying to get to know the building, find your classes and manage the day to day. Diaxa came in each day with a smile on her face, ready to take on the day. She is always willing to participate and be part of the class. She always makes us smile. That’s why we are nominating Daixa Natal as our Make My Day recipient.”

Angelina P. – Science (nominated by Mrs. Waraich)

“Angie brings her genuine enthusiasm to class every day. She asks questions, is very helpful and respectful to everyone she interacts with, and is an enthusiastic participant in class, whether she is in school or learning online.”

Noah R. – Music (nominated by Mr. Stuppler)

“Noah leads by example in everything he does and with everything he is asked to do. Not only does his work ethic show through his musicianship and performance, but his willingness to go above what is expected of him makes his peers better in every aspect of class. He is a pleasure to have in class, and I cannot wait to see what Noah will achieve in his time at SHS!”

Leanna R. – Counseling & Support (nominated by Mrs. Carmody)

“Leanna has awesome attendance and a positive attitude. She is a role model to her peers in the classroom. She makes my day every day!”

Daniel S.– English (nominated by Ms. Migliaro)

“Dan comes to every class with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. He engages in class, offering both thoughtful insights and supportive feedback to his classmates. He asks questions, offers helpful suggestions, and makes a sincere effort to be kind to everyone. He is a genuinely good person.”

Desirae V. – Agriculture Science & Technology (nominated by Mrs. Stannard & Mr. McLaughlin

“Desirae was selected for 'make my day' for her hard work and attention to detail with her Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) this Summer and Fall. Last spring, many students were unsure of how to meet the SAE requirements for agricultural experience during the summer. Rather than avoiding the subject and/or making excuses about how difficult it would be, Desirae asked questions to find opportunities. She was one of the first to respond to teacher suggestions on google classroom about the summer hours. Desirae traveled from Waterbury to Southington each week to work with the school's mini donkeys. The donkeys needed training, but the real goal was new skills for the students. Desirae did a great job and also worked well with Camp Sloper students when they visited the farm to work with the animals. The bigger impression of Desirae's level of responsibility was her detailed recordkeeping of the Sunflower research project. She took this project seriously and I will be able to use her work as an example for future students. She has continued her recordkeeping into the Fall, in addition to the new paid job she has in Agriculture. I'm sure she will continue to do great things with her new SAE.


Southington High School selects honorees every year for its Wall of Honor. Those honored must be Southington High graduates, and have done outstanding community service, received significant awards, had extraordinary lifetime achievements or done great humanitarian work. Please click here for more information.