SHS Celebrations

Make My Day - November 2022


CHLOE B. – WORLD LANGUAGE (nominated by Mrs. Tavera Collins)

“Chloe comes into our class every day with such a positive attitude and a drive to continue to better herself not only in the language, but as a person. She works impeccably with everyone in the class, challenging them while being patient and caring. A true ray of sunshine and I am so happy she is a part of our class community.”


FERHAT B. – MULTILINGUAL (nominated by Mrs. Hosmer)

“Ferhat came to Southington in his sophomore year of high school. From the beginning, his natural intelligence shone through both in our Multilingual period one class and in his other classes. Ferhat speaks several languages and it has helped him in many ways while at SHS. His language skills help him to be successful in his UCONN classes while at SHS. In our period one class, he is always kind and patient especially to our new students that move to Southington. Ferhat willingly assists other students with assignments, navigating the school and being a friend to others. His positive attitude and willingness to participate in our class inspires others to do the same. In his spare time, Ferhat enjoys both playing or watching soccer and working in the family business. Thank you, Ferhat, for being a team player in our class and making our days special!”


LINCOLN C. – ART (nominated by Mr. Ehmka)

“I choose Lincoln for the make my day award because he is in my opinion the embodiment of a Southington high student who is always pleasant to be around, works hard in class as well as on the field (shs football team) and helps others students in my class when he can with the software we use and with thier class assignment ideas. He always offers a thoughtful hello and asks how I am doing. He has helped in many different situations from letting me know a student may be late to class or by offering to help catch someone up on the current assignment we are working on. I wish I could have 10 more like him in class to help others and encourage a sense of community and be a positive citizen within the community being a role model for his peers. He really does take the loses in life just as well as the wins. It is a truly a please to have Lincoln in class and the others in class see the positive impact he has on the learning environment.”


NATALIYA G. – COUNSELING & SUPPORT (nominated by Mrs. Velsor)

“Nataliya works so hard every day to meet her personal goals. She constantly reflects on her behavior to ensure she is doing her best work and making progress. She demonstrates flexibility, kindness, and perseverance in everything she does! Way to go, Nataliya!”


JEREMIAH H. – LANGUAGE ARTS (nominated by Mrs. Horwitz)

“Jeremiah keeps me grounded in the classroom routines I set up to help us check in with ourselves. Every morning, he passes out the daily check in slip without being asked, which always makes the first period of the day start smoothly. Jeremiah also keeps me honest about our morning "mindful moment" when he thinks we need it -often the days I don't feel like we have enough time for it and "everything else!", which of course is the time we need it most. Thank

you, Jeremiah, for reminding me that what's most important during a busy day is a moment to center ourselves.”


MASON S .- HEALTH & PHYSICAL EDUCATION (nominated by Mrs. Boulanger)

“From day 1, Mason has consistently been motivated, energetic, confident and kind to not only me, but to all of his peers in his class. Mason always volunteers to assist me during set-up and clean-up and is the first to lend a helping hand. He works hard in class and shows consistent effort every day. I am honored to be his teacher.”


CHARLOTTE S. – MUSIC (nominated by Mrs. Ossias)

“I have gotten to know Charlotte over the past 3 years (and two months) in orchestra, and it really, truly has been a joy getting to know her! This year, her senior year, she has earned the position of section leader in the violin section. I have really enjoyed watching her grow into the musician she is today. She is confident, caring, kind, and patient when working with the students in her section. She is always prepared, and even when the music is difficult, never backs down from the hard work it takes to learn any musical passage. I can't wait to see what we will be able to accomplish this year! Thank you, Charlotte, for all your hard work, you really do make my day!!!”


IHOR V. – COUNSELING & SUPPORT (nominated by Ms. Discenza)

“Ihor helped me with a new student registration. The student and family was from Ukraine and Ihor translated between the staff and family. He did an amazing job and displayed great respect and kindness. Ihor was a model student representing SHS!”


SAMANTHA W. – BUSINESS (nominated by Mrs. Brooks)

"Samantha is a senior in a very mixed class and is a leader in the classroom. She works with anyone who needs help, asks insightful questions during discussions and activities that helps everyone understand concepts more clearly, and often stays after class to share ideas for the DECA Store. Her personality is a like a ray of sunshine. It really makes my day!"



“Julia finds positivity in everything plant science! She enthusiastically participates in all class and lab activities ranging from floral arranging, plant identification, landscape drawing and taking care of the greenhouse. She recently participated in the UConn Floticulture contest and was a mentor to a sophomore member on the team. She also works in the plant lab during her study hall periods. As a senior in my plant science class, I can depend on Juila to take the lead on a variety of lab activities and to help teach other students. Thanks Julia!”


ASHLEE Z. – SOCIAL STUDIES (nominated by Ms. Adams)

“Ashlee has become such a confident student since the start of the school year. She self-advocates for herself when she is unsure of something and is always there to help her peers whenever they are struggling. I have seen her thrive in my Intro to Psychology class because of her own initiative to set goals and achieve them because of her own hard work and dedication.”


CARSON Z. – MATHEMATICS (nominated by Mr. Adams)

“Carson is a junior this year but is a new student to SHS. Carson came into APCompSci A with a high level of ability but is always willing to accept advice from me. He works hard, at times creates self-designed extra assignments to solidify his understanding and is always in a happy mood.”