SHS Celebrations

Make My Day - November 2023

ISSAC B. – TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING (nominated by Mr. Spagna)

“I have had the pleasure of teaching Issac in my Intro. to Manufacturing & Wood Manufacturing classes, as well as having him serve as a TA in my Intro. to Manufacturing class this year. Issac is a dedicated, hardworking student and I know I can always count on him to help students be successful and solve problems in his capacity as a TA. Currently in my Wood Manufacturing class, he is focusing on the lathe, and he has produced some amazing showroom quality bowls. Issac is a prime example of a student who is on the path to realizing Southington's Vision of a Graduate.”


GAVIN D. – MUSIC & SUPPORT SERVICES (nominated by Mrs. Ossias & the Counseling Staff)

“Gavin has impressed me in marching band since day 1! He always has a great attitude and a smile on his face. He asks questions, he works hard, he is focused, and he is a great role model for his peers. I am really proud of how far he has come this season both musically and with his marching. Keep up the EXCELLENT work Gavin!!!” Additionally, “a student came into school counseling not able to see well because her glasses fell out of her bag. Gavin was seen in the camera picking them up and giving them to security. This was after multiple students walking by them. Thank you, Gavin, for your genuine kindness.”


ALIVIA H. – FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCES (nominated by Mr. Orstad)

“Alivia went above and beyond with her efforts to decorate the black forest cake to be served in the Corner Cafe. She used multiple cake decorating applications and the cake looked beautiful.”


JOSEPH M. – WORLD LANGUAGE (nominated by Mr. Torrisi)

“Joe is a model student for other language learners. He shows a genuine interest and appreciation for the Italian language and culture through asking thoughtful questions in class and putting forth excellent effort on his assignments. In addition to his academic qualities, what sets Joe apart is his outstanding character. Joe is a friend to all and is always willing to help out and collaborate with his peers. He is truly a pleasure to have in class!”


TIMOTHY M. – SCIENCE (nominated by Mrs. Radziwon)

“Tim has shown such improvement in his class participation since the beginning of the year. He always has a smile on his face and is working hard advocating for himself. I am enjoying having Tim!”


AIDEN N. – SOCIAL STUDIES (nominated by Mr. Tuttle)

“Aiden approaches class each and every day with enthusiasm and a willingness to engage with the material and his peers. Inquisitive and curious, Aiden is more than just checking boxes in order to earn a grade but more interested in learning for the sake of learning. His genuine nature helps contribute to a positive and constructive learning environment that encourages he and his peers to take intellectual risks, collaborate, learn and grow together.”


KAI O. – MATHEMATICS (nominated by Mr. Adams)

“Kai is a very self-motivated student. He has taken on the task of organizing and preparing review/practice materials for our computer science league team this year. He started at the end of last year preparing materials for others, and continues

to go above and beyond. He does all this while also completing the workload of a very rigorous course in computer science along with 7 other courses.”



“Kayla is a very active FFA member in our SHS Ag Ed program. During Kayla's study hall twice a week she volunteers to help out with the reptile lab. In the reptile lab, she socializes the reptiles, feeds, conditioning their waters, and cleans their habitat. Kayla is a great student in our Ag Ed program who is very independent, knowledgeable and driven.”


JAMIE S. – ART (nominated by Mr. Ehmka)

“Jamie is awesome! She is always early to class and eager to help, from helping put down the chairs and putting the table covers down for the table she is always willing to lend a hand. She is always thoughtful of her classmates and offers creative advice whenever she can. Jamie enjoys the creative process from idea generation in her sketchbook to working with the in-class assignments designing functional pottery that brings her joy. Sharing ideas with her table mates offering both design inspiration and constructive criticism on the construction portion of the assignments. She always has a welcoming attitude and is always smiling!”


HANNA S. – BUSINESS (nominated by Mrs. Schena)

“It is a pleasure to have Hanna in class. Hanna is a diligent student. Hanna will ask questions to ensure she has an understanding of the accounting concepts. When she submits work that has errors, she will correct and resubmit her work without being asked. This demonstrates her commitment to learning the material. I appreciate all of Hanna's hard work and effort she puts into her Accounting I class.”


DONALD T. – ENGLISH (nominated by Ms. Daly)

“Joey is a pleasure to have in class. In a class that is very quiet, I always appreciate his willingness to participate. He is not afraid to ask questions and always strives to do his very best. Today we had a teacher candidate do a demo lesson during Joey’s class. The teachers and administrator observing the lesson were extremely impressed by Joey’s comments and observations during the class.”