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Counselor Assignments 2019-20

Director of School Counseling, Grades 6-12:

Jennifer Discenza

Ninth Grade Academy Counselors:

Jessica Anthony

Mark Bugnacki

School Counselors:

Geoffrey Davis

David Gleba

Ana Napolitano

Sherry Russman

Elizabeth Viens

Jessica Wallace

Counseling Secretaries:
Nicole Monteiro

Jaci Belanger

*Students will remain with their assigned counselor from grade 10 through graduation*

School Counseling Office phone numbers:

860-628-3229 ext. 11238

860-628-3229 ext. 11244

Barnum College Planning Strategies websites (posted 9/20/19)

Southington High School Profile (updated Sept. 21, 2018)

2020-2021 Program of Studies.

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The Southington Public Schools' Comprehensive School Counseling Program is designed to address the developmental needs of all students. Through a planned and sequential program, each student will develop his/her individual potential in the areas of academic, personal/social, and career development. Every Southington High School Student will develop a transition portfolio with the assistance of his/her school counselor. Respectful of individual differences, the program assists and supports students as they begin to understand themselves, develop decision making and problem solving skills, and plan for the future. Counselors function in a number of different capacities: counselor, consultant, teacher, manager and role model. Counselors work as a team in conjunction with teachers, administrators, parents and the community to assist students to be successful academically, and to develop into productive members of society.