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UN - first.last (if using school Chromebook-first.last@s.southingtonschools.org)

PW - same password students use for everything else


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Honor Roll:

1st Honors = GPA of 89.5 (unweighted)

2nd Honors = GPA of 84.5-89.4 (unweighted)

Honor roll does not include Health, PE, or any letter grades.


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Program of Studies 2022-2023



Grade Calculations:

1) Full Year Course:

Qtr. 1 (25%) + Qtr. 2 (25%) + Qtr. 3 (25%) + Qtr. 4 (25%) = 100% (grade recorded on transcript)

2) Half-Year Course:

Fall Course: Qtr. 1 (50%) + Qtr. 2 (50%) = 100% (grade recorded on transcript)


Spring Course: Qtr. 3 (50%) + Qtr. 4 (50%) = 100% (grade recorded on transcript)



Physical Education:

  • After school make ups will take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • At the end of the marking quarter, make ups will be extended to the last Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of that marking quarter.
  • Make ups will take place in the West Gym or on the track depending on the weather.
  • Make up times will be 2:20 PM – 2:45PM.
  • Make ups begin promptly at 2:20PM.A physical education teacher has the right to refuse the student the make-up if they are late.
  • Students will complete four laps around the track.They may run, jog, walk the four laps.
  • Students will complete 10 minutes of jogging or 12 minutes of walking if they are in the West Gym.
  • Students must complete their laps within the allotted time listed above.
  • Students will have the present marking quarter to complete the make-up.
  • Students may not make up a class when they do not change into their PE clothes for class, if class credit is taken away for negative or unsafe behavior or if a student is truant!



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Absent From School?

Absences and Homework:

1) It is recommended that students get to know at least one other student in each of their classes for the purpose of obtaining homework in the event of an absence.

2) For absences which are known about in advance, students should discuss this with their teachers and get assignments prior to the absence.

3) Visit your Teacher's website!

Counselors can request homework from teachers on behalf of students. Such request should only be considered for long-term absences, and require a minimum of 24 hours notice.