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Course Registration for 2023-24


Southington High School

Course Registration 2023-2024




Access to the online course registration process is through the PowerSchool Parent Portal at  If you have difficulty signing into your account, you may contact the Student Support Center at 860-628-3229, ext. 11238.

Once you have logged into the parent portal account, please click on “Class Registration” on the left-hand toolbar.  There you will find instructions and a brief explanation of the registration process.  

Key Reminders:

1. Academic Level Recommendations- If you have a question about a level recommendation for an academic area, please contact the current academic teacher directly. If you disagree with a level recommendation, you should reach out directly to the teacher and still submit requests during the portal window. This will allow for other course requests to be submitted. Conversations with teachers and counselors can take place and changes can be made, if necessary following the February 14, 2023 deadline for the portal.  


2. Course Descriptions- When choosing a course, please take time to read the class descriptions and/or ask teachers or counselor questions.  Students are committing to this course, so be an informed consumer! Changes in schedule requests will not be made after July 16, 2023.


The Program of Studies provides descriptions for every course and these can be accessed online at:

2023-2024 Program of Studies


3. Career Pathways- Be sure to explore and plan for career pathways when selecting courses.

 SHS Career Pathways

*Please note that Pathways are to be exploratory for students. Students are not “placed in a pathway” or “made to stay in a pathway”. Pathways have been developed to connect students with interests, strengths, and begin to see the connections to potential careers and their experiences at high school. Pathways also will help students plan for their future.


4. School Counselor Appointments- School Counselors will be meeting with students to review course selections, plan accordingly for post-secondary planning, and confirm students are on track with graduation requirements. It is important to submit requests during this registration window, prior to these meetings. If any changes need to be made or corrected, students will be doing this with their counselors via their English classes from February 15 - March 21, 2023. 

The online course registration portal will be open for grades 9, 10, and 11 from February 8-14 2023.


Grade 9 Course Registration Sheet (Entering grade 9)

Grade 10 Course Registration Sheet (Entering Grade 10)

Grade 11 Course Registration Sheet (Entering Grade 11)

Grade 12 Course Registration Sheet (Entering Grade 12)

Course Override Form (Level Change)

AP Course Override Form

Scheduling Worksheet