Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (later as needed)
Closed Tuesday afternoons for staff meetings

The library media center is open for classes, reading, study, research and homework every day.

The library has books, PCs, Chromebooks and Macbooks. Students are welcome to use the library computers or bring your own device.

Your most important resource is your teacher librarian. Every question is important, even the small ones. Don't be shy- just ask.


  • Share our media center with respect for other students, teachers and resources.
  • Enjoy breakfast, snacks and lunch outside the library.
  • Be considerate of office supplies - return them to the supply area.
  • Tell a staff member when equipment is not working properly.
  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Turn in "found" items to the front desk


  • Copies can be made for you. Please ask.

Attendance & Passes

  • Use your student ID to scan in for attendance, every period.
  • Ask for pass at the front desk to leave the library.
  • Upperclassmen may go to the cafe with a pass during periods 1-7. Freshmen must stay in the library for the entire class period.

Books & Computers

  • All books are available for check-out for as long as needed.
  • If a book is lost, it should be replaced. If that is not possible, make an arrangement with Ms. Patterson.
  • Laptops are available for check-out for a class period with a student ID.
  • Laptops must stay in the library.