Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (later as needed)
Closed Tuesday afternoons for staff meetings

The library media center is open for reading, study, research and homework every day. Teachers may schedule classes for lessons, book talks, print research, and computer use by signing in to the master schedule, by email to Ms. Patterson (spatterson@southingtonschools.org) or Mrs. Hosmer (bhosmer@southingtonschools.org) or by telephone (x335 or X109 on the wall phone).

The library offers PCs, 2 Chromebooks carts and 2 Mac laptop carts. You are welcome to bring your own laptop, tablet, iPad or ereader to use in the library.

Your most important resource in your media center is your teacher librarian who is always happy to help you with any task. Every question is important, even the small ones. Don't be shy- just ask.


  • Use the media center with respect for resources and other members of our community
  • Not more than 4 students to a table, please
  • Eating is not permitted, please use the cafe
  • Be considerate of office supplies: return tape, scissors, and other materials to the office supply table
  • Notify a staff member when equipment is not working properly
  • Use print preview and print only those pages that are necessary
  • Cite resources and abide by copyright law
  • Clean up after yourself, and turn in "found" items-especially portable flash or jump drives- to the front desk


  • Copies can be made for you, see a staff member


  • Freshmen students need to sign in and out at the attendance binder.
  • A pass is required to leave the library for any reason.
  • Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors may leave during study hall and go to the cafe, and remain in the cafe until the end of the class period.


All materials must be checked out at the circulation desk. Late fees of .05/per school day are charged for each day materials are overdue. The maximum charge over for overdue materials is $5.00. Lost materials are charged replacement cost. If you cannot settle an accountability, you may volunteer to help in the library to 'work off' the debt, or you may speak with Ms. Patterson about donating a suitable book of equal value instead of paying for a book that is damaged or lost. See Ms. Patterson, Mrs. Hosmer, or Ms. Walsh with any concerns or questions about fines, damaged or lost books.