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Below are links to CollegeBoard and KHAN Academy. They are both excellent resources in preparation for the PSAT's and SAT's. There is also valuable information in both for AP tests. If you have any questions feel free to contact our school counseling office or any school administrator at SHS. and Khan Academy.

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NEASC Update-October 21, 2019

“Over the last year, Southington High School has been involved in preparing a self-reflection, an extensive document that demonstrates ways in which the school is meeting the Standards for Accreditation, identifying priority areas, and implementing our school improvement plan based on those priority areas. On Wednesday, October 23rd, a group of educators will be visiting our school for two days to review our initial self-reflection report, observe classrooms in action, and inspect the school facilities. During this time, they will interview groups of students, teachers, support staff, and parents to learn about the school’s programs, services, and improvement areas.

Current parent interviews are scheduled for 11:50 am to 12:35 pm. We are still looking for a cross section of parents to represent our student families. We are hoping to get 20 parents for the interview. Your thoughts about your son/daughter’s experiences at our school are vital to improving and strengthening the work of Southington High School and your child’s success. Information gathered during those meetings will be shared with the entire visiting team and incorporated into the school’s Accreditation report.

All members of the faculty and administrators truly appreciate your involvement in the on-site visit conducted by our educational colleagues. We anticipate it will be a positive experience for you, and we sincerely value your thoughts about our school. Please email Kari Peschel-Luise and Michael T. Gagnon, our Accreditation Coordinators at and if you are interested in participating."


Please visit the Academic page of our website to learn more about the wonderful opportunities SHS students have to gain college credit while still in high school.

Students entering ninth grade wishing to take advantage of our many Honors first and second year science courses, should strongly consider taking BOTH Honors Biology and Earth Science in their freshman year. The student wanting to do this would take the biology as his or her elective in freshman year. There is a prerequisite of 80 or better in Algebra I, and 90 or better in grade 8 science.

Class Dues Information


  • Contracts are negotiated with venues years in advance of Class events (Proms, Class Day, Class Night, Breakfast, etc.)
  • Payments to these venues are made based on the number of students in each class.
  • Payments are made to the venues ahead of time.
  • There is not enough money in class accounts to refund monies that have already been paid to these venues.

School Lunch Information
Click here for more information about MyPaymentsPlus, formerly MealPayPlus, the online payment plan that SPS uses to pay for school meals.

Southington Youth Services Workshop

Southington Youth Services is offering a workshop entitled "Helping Children Overcome Anxiety" on November 7, 2019. Please click here for more information.