World Language Honor Societies


Student must:

  • be a 3rd or 4th year language student
  • have an overall 91 average in the target language for all years studied
  • have an overall unweighted GPA of 85
  • continue with the language the following year
  • be recommended by the World Language teacher
  • fill out an application
  • pay a one time $10 induction fee
  • attend the induction ceremony
To remain a member in good standing the student must:
  • attend meetings and participate in all WLHS events
  • complete 10 hours of community service related to the promotion of the target language and culture
  • attend and assist with the following year induction ceremony
  • maintain appropriate conduct within and beyond the school
Honor Society Advisors:
  • French -- Monsieur Nobou
  • Italian -- Signora Riccio
  • German --
  • Spanish -- SeƱora DiCicco