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To help students develop according to their individual needs and potential, students can select courses of differing levels according to the following guidelines:

Academic Level (ACA)

Academic Level courses offer standards-based curriculum designed to support and challenge students in relevant and engaging coursework.  Students will work collaboratively and develop critical thinking skills to problem solve, communicate, innovate and produce complex work to demonstrate mastery.

Accelerated Level (ACC)

Accelerated level courses are similar in design to academic level courses, but the student exhibits a higher level of independence and demonstrates above grade level analytical, reading and writing skills

College Level Course (CLC)

College Level courses balance individual inquiry and collaborative analysis with sophisticated depth of understanding, which help students to discuss and exchange ideas effectively. Coursework is geared toward the mastery of state and national standards extending beyond the typical high school curricula including Advanced Placement®, UConn Early College Experience, and Community College courses. These courses align fully with college level learning and instructors follow a strict set curriculum that is identified by the affiliated college and/or program. 

Some courses need teacher recommendations and contain prerequisites. Students should consult the Program of Studies for more information.