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All students must earn 2 credits in science to meet graduation requirements. However, students are strongly encouraged to take at least one science course each year as many colleges require more than 2 years of science. It is strongly recommended that students take Earth Science and Biology in their first two years of high school to ensure mastery of our CT science standards. Students desiring a greater opportunity to take more science electives including UCONN ECE/Advanced Placement (AP) science courses can choose to take Biology or Chemistry as their elective in addition to taking Earth Science during their freshman year. Students should elect this at the CCP level only.

All students graduating 2023 and beyond must earn 3 credits in science to meet graduation requirements, one from each of the three domains. The domains are Earth Science, Life Science and Physical Science. The courses available for each domain are listed below.


Earth Science

Life Science

Physical Science

Earth Science H, CCP, CP (1.0 Credit)

Environmental Science – CP, CCP (0.5 Credit)

UCONN/AP Environmental Science (1.0 Credit)

Weather and Planet Earth CP (0.5 Credit)

Astronomy CP (0.5 Credit)

Biology CCP, CP (1.0 Credit)

AP Biology (1.0 Credit)

Marine Biology CCP, CP (0.5 Credit)

Environmental Science – CP, CCP (0.5 Credit)

UCONN/AP Environmental Science (1.0 Credit)

Entomology and Genetics CCP (0.5 Credit)

Anatomy and Physiology H, CCP (1.0 credit)

Chemistry CCP, CP (1.0 Credit)

Physics CCP (1.0 Credit)

AP Chemistry (1.0 Credit)

AP Physics C (2.0 Credit) *This course meets for two periods.

AP Physics 1 (1.0 Credit)

Astronomy CP (0.5 Credit)

Forensics I (0.5 Credit)

All science courses incorporate laboratory activities into the curriculum and therefore are all considered laboratory classes even if they do not meet for a double lab period.

The following classes have a double lab period that meets once every six days:

Biology (CCP)

Chemistry (CCP, CP)

AP Physics 1

AP Physics C (meets every day for two periods)

AP Biology

AP Chemistry

UCONN/AP Environmental Science