Southington High School Physical Education Policies

Grading: All students must participate in 86% of the classes for which they are not medically excused in order to pass. Freshman meet every 2 days of every 6 day rotation all year. All other grades meet 4 days out of every 6 day rotation for only one semester. All P.E. courses are required and failing a semester means repeating that semester.

Grade 9 P.E. students can only miss 4 out of 30 classes each semester with no medical excuse. Since the freshmen meet both semesters, this means only 8 classes can be missed out of the 60 scheduled for the year. Each marking quarter, 2 misses are the maximum. With 2 misses, a student is eligible for a “C” or “D” term grade. With only 1 miss, a student is eligible for a “B” term grade. With no misses, the student can earn an “A”.

Grades 10, 11, and 12 : If the student has no medically excused classes, he or she can miss 8 out of 60 classes scheduled for the half-year course. Missing more than 8 per semester or more than 4 per quarter will result in a failing grade.

Misses—absences from class or the school day, which are not excused by a doctor school related excused absences (field trip, guidance, group etc.) unprepared classes (no credit to unacceptable attire or forgetting clothes) cutting class or school truancy

*Knowledge of the activity, skill grades & effort can move a grade up or down, but a student can never earn a letter grade higher than his attendance grade.

Make-ups: Any class missed due to an excused absence can be made up to raise a grade. Cuts, truancies, and unprepared classes cannot be made up. An excused missed can be made up during a free period (study hall or lunch combined with lunch study), if it’s done within 2 weeks. After 2 weeks pass, the class must be made up after the school day. After school make-ups are offered every Wednesday 2:20-2:45. During the last week of each term, we hold these make-ups on Monday and Thursday as well.

Proper dress for P.E.: (modest clothes other than the ones worn to school that day) **no drug messages, offensive language, or innuendos on the clothing

Medicals: A student is considered ineligible to participate if he or she is medically excused from class by a doctor. Medically excused classes do not count as misses. The student will not participate, but must still attend class during his or her medical. The grade will be based upon the classed for which the student is eligible to participate. Since passing is contingent upon participated in 86% of eligible classes, every 5 medically excused classes will result in one less miss the student can accumulate for the term and entire course. The P.E. department makes every effort to accommodate all students with an appropriate adapted physical education experience. When one activity is not allowed by the doctor, we will try to provide an alternative which is allowed. The adapted medical form for each grade level of P.E. is available in the nurse’s office. Short term medicals are accepted on your doctor’s stationery. Long term medicals require the S.H.S. adaptive form. These medical forms must be brought to the nurse’s office first and then presented by the student to his or her P.E. teacher in a timely fashion. When a student sits out, assuming he or she can get a medical and then does not produce one, he or she is responsible for the missed classes and may fail the course. Failure to actively participate in at least 15 out of 60 classes in a P.E. course results in a yearly grade of EX (medically excused) and no .25 credit earned. The present grade level requirement is waived, but no credit is earned.