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Southington High School Physical Education Procedures

Grading: All students must participate in 86% of the classes for which they are not medically excused in order to pass. Freshman meet every 2 days of every 6 day rotation all year. All other grades meet 4 days out of every 6 day rotation for only one semester. All P.E. courses are required and failing a semester means repeating that semester.

Grade 9 P.E. students can only miss 4 out of 30 classes each semester with no medical excuse. Since the freshmen meet both semesters, this means only 8 classes can be missed out of the 60 scheduled for the year. Each marking quarter, 2 misses are the maximum. With 2 misses, a student is eligible for a “C” or “D” term grade. With only 1 miss, a student is eligible for a “B” term grade. With no misses, the student can earn an “A”.

Grades 10, 11, and 12 : If the student has no medically excused classes, he or she can miss 8 out of 60 classes scheduled for the half-year course. Missing more than 8 per semester or more than 4 per quarter will result in a failing grade.

Physical Education Procedures and Practices for Missed Classes

Important Information:

  • Verified/Excused Absence (sick, appointment, school counseling, field trip, etc) - A student is responsible for completing a PE makeup assignment. This is for credit, and must be completed within 7 days of missed class.

  • Unexcused Absence/Behavior Concern (Unprepared for class, Class cuts, Loss of credit due to behavior or safety concerns) - A student is not eligible to make up this class for credit.

  • Short Term Medical Excuses (5 or Less Classes)
    A student is considered ineligible to participate if he or she is medically excused from class by a doctor. The student will not participate, but must still attend class during the medical. All students will be required to make up all classes that are missed because of medical reasons. Documentation from your doctor is required for all medical excuses which must be directly turned into the Nurse’s Office. The school nurse will issue a green medical form.  The student must  bring that green medical form to their PE teacher by the following PE class. 

  • Long Term Medical Excuses (6 or more classes.) In the case of a long term medical…..We will make every effort to accommodate the student with an appropriate adapted physical education experience. We will provide an alternative activity which is allowed by the doctor. The adapted medical form is available in the nurse’s office. Documentation from your doctor is required for all medical excuses which must be directly turned into the Nurse’s Office.

  • Modified PE: In certain and extenuating cases, modified physical activities may be established with the school nurse and the physical education teacher.  A form will be provided individually by the nursing office to the student at that time.

  • If a student is not able to participate in PE for medical reasons, they can not participate in out of school SHS sports.

Explanation for Making up Class when there is a medical excuse.

A student in PE is required to make up missed classes.  A student with a medical excuse would not be expected to participate in the actual class activity but would be required to do a PE medical make-up assignment which allows the student to make sure they are learning what they have missed.  This reflects the PE curriculum, knowledge of the activity, skill execution, understanding and applying strategies in a game.  

A medical make-up helps a student earn credit for the class that they cannot participate in. Sitting and watching is important.  A teacher must know if the student has fully learned and understands how to perform the skills of the lesson, class etc. We want the student to be successful as soon as they are permitted to come back to class (medical clearance by their doctor). 

This is a modification to help the student earn their physical education class credit. The written assignment will support learning taking place.  Ideally the student should be able to demonstrate what was learned in the class when they are healthy to do so.  A teacher will know a student can be successful when participating in an activity or game.  

The Student will research and learn about what is being taught in the class.  The make-up is specific to the lesson/class, what is being taught/ learned.  

SHS PE Make up Procedures

  1. PE Make Up Procedure

  2. PE Make Up Assignment

  3. PE Medical Excused Make Up Assignment

  4. Extended Medical Make-up Assignment .docx


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