Mr. David Kowalchuk, Department Leader

Mr. Stephen Victor, Assistant Department Leader

860-628-3229 ext. 11243

Online Access to Math Books

The Math Department, in conjunction with the publishers of the math books, are offering students the opportunity to access their math books online. This feature is available for students enrolled in Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2.

The links will provide specific instructions on how to access the the online services.
Click here for Algebra 1
Click here for Geometry
Click here for Pre Calculus.

Southington High School Mathematics Department Course Equivalency Procedures

Over the last few years, an increasing number of students have enrolled in Mathematics courses outside of Southington High School with the intention of bypassing the recommended course made by his or her mathematics teacher for the following school year. While the Mathematics Department recognizes that such an act by a student is admirable, it also must make sure that the best interests of the student are considered. Click here for the letter on Course Equivalency Procedures.

Math Lab Opens at SHS

Need extra help? Visit room E280 during Periods 1-8. A Math Teacher will be available for assistance. Click here for the Math Lab Policies and Procedures information.

Calculator Loan Contract
SHS has a limited amount of calculators available for student use. Click here to read the policy and contract. For more information, contact Mr. Kowalchuk, Department Leader or Mr. Victor, Assistant Department Leader. (updated September 10, 2020)

Math Requirements at SHS

Students must earn three credits in mathematics towards their graduation requirement but are encouraged to take four credits before graduation. Students and parents are encouraged to work closely with teachers and guidance counselors to plan an appropriate mathematics program. Students should choose courses carefully with their own abilities, achievements, interests, and goals in mind. In general, students should not choose a course which has a lower number than one that has already been completed satisfactorily.