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UCONN Early College Experience: An Overview

UConn Early College Experience is an opportunity for students to take UConn courses while still in High School. Every UConn ECE course is comparable to the same course at the University of Connecticut. Course comparability is overseen by University faculty coordinators. UConn ECE courses are taught in the high school by University-certified instructors who serve as UConn adjunct faculty members. Since UConn ECE is a concurrent enrollment program, students earn both high school and college credit for each UCONN course taken.

UCONN Early College Experience provides:

  • Transferable college credits
  • An introduction to college academics and rigor in a familiar setting
  • An economical head-start paying for college
  • University resources such as online classrooms and library access to all UConn ECE students and certified instructors
  • Collegial interchange between high school and university faculties
  • Professional development opportunities for high school instructors
  • Courses offered at SHS: Spanish, Italian, French, Horticulture and Human Development and Family Sciences

UConn ECE is serving young people while helping to develop a more seamless and accessible educational system.

Program Fees 2019-2020

1 credit course-$50.00, 2 credit course-$100.00, 3 credit course-$150.00, 4 credit course-$200.00.

Program fees are $50.00 per registered course credit. The University of Connecticut sends fee notifications to the email address the student provides during the application process. Students are financially responsible for all courses for which they register. An additional $25.00 non-refundable administrative fee is charged for applications submitted between August 15th and September 16th and must be paid by November 7, 2019.

University standard policies on late fees, returned checks, and collections will apply to program participants.

Visit for detailed registration instructions.

A Fee Waiver

A fee waiver is available for all students who qualify for the Federal Subsidized Free/Reduced Lunch Program, contingent upon receipt of appropriate documentation from the school district.


UConn ECE is intended to be a beneficial way to begin a student's college career. UConn ECE students who earn a grade of C or higher in a UConn course will have the course credits applied toward their transcript. Students who earn a grade below a C will have their course grades changed to an audit. Credit is not earned for audited courses. Audited courses do appear on a college transcript and are evidence of a student's desire to seek academic rigor and challenge. Audited courses do not affect a student's grade point average.

Official Transcripts may be requested by calling (860) 486-3332.