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Writer's Corner

The ship rode across the brume, heading eastwards. Floating atop the rocky sea, the irksome ship-goers paying no mind to the trouble they may face. They were too busy gobbling table scraps and clinking their glasses to pay worry towards the ship's conditions. But soon enough the ship hit rock, tearing the ship asunder, sending the once boorish folk aboard into a worried panic. Many a drunkard ran about, grasping what little possessions they had and sloppily sprinting towards the escape boats. Before long the ship's parts were bestrewn across the sea, later floating to the bottom. Forever being a reminder of the tragedy that had taken place.

- Matt Rio

Students in Mrs. Bunel's English class were asked to personify an object of their choice.

Day by day I'm in the hands of someone new, someone old or someone young. Sometimes I stay with one person for a long time and sometimes I'm only with someone for a matter of minutes before they spend me. I'm used by people to survive, without me stress and struggle happen. I'm used to buy your food, pay your bills. I'm your motivation to get out of bed. I can be used for good and bad, whether it be on a sick child's medication or a cocaine addict's fix. Everyone uses me differently, but everyone needs me, which makes me feel important.

I get hit with a metal club. No one cares if I drown or if I get lost in the woods. Sometimes I'm buried in sand or neck high in some long grass. I get put into a black hole. It gets gentle when you're putting, then I get smacked the hardest on the next hole.

I'm connected to a dumb old computer. Kids are always pressing my buttons way too hard. When they get mad, they start to slam on my keys. Kids eat food around me and sometimes little pieces of crumbs fall in me. Now I like to be clean and no one understands that. Kids are so mean to me when all I try and do is help them with their homework.

I just chill in the sky 24/7. Well "chill" is the wrong word, considering I'm a giant ball of fire. Most of the tiny rocks that revolve around me are completely boiled by my radiation and heat. Except for one special blue rock. It looks like a pretty little marble and it's filled with life. I'm so proud, it's all because of me. It's filled with trees, and grass and plants all because of me! I hate those people that live on it though. They are so egocentric! At one point they actually believed I revolved around them! Ha! Obviously it's the world that revolves around me.

I am given to people who are loved and I never have a bad smell. But some people mistreat me if I'm wild. Kids will pull me out or pull my petals. How rude! They strip me nude for no reason! Yet I am also given on sad occasions. I've seen very heavy tears. When people pass I get passed to them to give them joy and hope. I guess you can say I'm kind of like a school counselor. I am the wonderful amazing flower.

Man it's hard to be me. It's a tough life to have. You try having a life with people's smelly feet in you everyday, all day long. You would never know what I go through everyday between mud, poo, sweat, gum, etc. Then I get worn out and get put in the trash but it doesn't stop there. I finish the rest of my life stuck in a smelly garbage. I don't get to live life, I'm just stuck here for a long time. Oh, whatever.

My name's Red. I'm grown a lot more in summertime. On special occasions I get given to girls by their boyfriends, friends, mom or dad or even a husband. My other friends are other colors too. But I always have to make new friends because I'm constantly meeting new flowers. I get taken good care of by my owner. I love it here - always warm and sunny!

As I go up and down, circular motions and loops, I see life from a different perspective. If it wasn't for me, this couldn't be here and neither would this. I only know as much as you do when it really comes down to it. Although I can only be found in the most unfortunate places, I will always help you put what's on your mind on to here. If I ever make a mistake, I'll erase it.