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Book Reviews

Book Reviews
a personal judgment or critique about a fiction or nonfiction text

Lesson One: How can I write a book review?

  • What are the important questions to ask when critiquing a text?
    How believable is this story?
    Are the details of the setting helping you picture it in your mind?
    Are the relationships between characters realistic or convincing?
    Does the author communicate his/her theme of this story well?
    Does the author engage and interest the reader?
    What age and or reading level would is this book geared toward?
    What kind of reader would like this book?
    How did the book make you feel, think, or react?
  • What are the important parts of a book review?

    Title and Author
    Problem in the story
    Main characters
    Personal Opinion*

Lesson Two: Write a Book Review

Lesson Three: Review a Review

Directions: Label the six parts of a book review found in the review you read.
What makes you want to read the book after reading the review?
What do you agree or disagree with if you have already read the book?

Lesson Four: How can you make your book review grab a reader?

  • powerful feeling
  • hook question
  • surprise ending
  • strong words