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Author's Visit

We had an exciting event take place recently here at Thalberg. John Patrick Green, who wrote the 2018 Nutmeg Award Nominee, Hippopotamister, stopped by TES for a visit. His newest book, Kitten Construction Company: Meet the House Kittens, was released September 4th, 2018. R.J. Julia Booksellers is the organization that I collaborated with to put it together. John told the story of how his career as an artist and writer came to be, which started off as a 4th grade entrepreneur, selling his work to classmates, until the school put a halt to kids spending their lunch money on his comic strips. He shared some of his earlier drawings and characters that he found archived in his parents attic. His artistic abilities were also put on display when he demonstrated his cartooning skills by whipping up some quick sketches of famous characters he used to draw Disney. The students and staff truly enjoyed his visit!

Check out the book trailer for Hippopotamister below.