Native Americans

Native American Research by State

Salish: Northwest
Shoshone: Midwest
Navajo: Southwest
Cherokee: Southeast

Shopping for a Topic:

Choose 2-3 topics and search Grolier for facts about each.

Resources to use
  • Nonfiction books

Lesson 1: Search Strategies

Using Grolier Online (keyword searching)

Lesson 2: Essential Questions

Lesson 3-5: Note-Taking with Bulleting and Fact Fragments
Lesson 6-7: Creating with Power Point
  • Power Point Presentation template.
Lesson 8: Citing Resources
  • Works Cited Worksheet

Lesson 9: Assessment

  • Power Point Rubric and Self Reflection Questionnaire

Lesson 10: Interactive Read Aloud of Brother Eagle, Sister Sky

(pro and con book reviews)

Lesson 11: Image Analysis/What is Stereotyping?

  • Chief Seattle's 1854 speech
  • Photographs of Chief Seattle and tribe members vs. Brother Eagle Sister Sky illustrations
  • Image Analysis Graphic Organizer (observations, inferences, questions)