Benefits of a Comprehensive School Counseling Program

Making a Difference...

Beneficial Outcomes of a Comprehensive School Counseling Program

  • Students succeeding and improving their academic performance
  • Social skills and relationships growing and becoming stronger
  • Decision-making and problem-solving skills being defined and utilized
  • Instilling greater motivation towards future goals and teaching the necessary tools for success
  • Parents receiving more opportunities for home-school interactions
  • Integral in developing a safer and more positive school climate for student learning
  • Establishing student connections and advocacy
  • Emphasizing the importance of asset-building and "Character Counts"
  • Providing resources and information within the Southington community
  • Showing all children that we care about them, their school, and their town

Resource: Comprehensive School Counseling: A Guide to Comprehensive School Counseling Program Development, State of Connecticut/State Board of Education, 2008