Library Media Center

Ellen Roy, Library Media Specialist

Gail Verderame, Library Paraprofessional

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Library Media Links

One School, One Book

Links for Books and Reading

1. Destiny (Library Catalogue)

2. FollettShelf (Ebook Collection)

3. Seussville (Dr. Seuss Fun!)

4. Dewey Decimal Memory Game

5. Dewey Decimal Matching Game

6. Match Books to Categories (More Dewey Practice)

7. Storyline Online (Listen to Stories Online)

8. Storynory (Free Audio Stories)

9. Nutmeg Award (Information about the Nutmeg Book Award)

10. Charter Oak Children’s Book Award

Information Resources

Keyboarding Practice


1. Keyboard Zoo

2. Cup Stack Typing

3. Ghost Typing Junior

A Little Harder:

1. Typing.Com (Different games - some are harder than others)

2. Keyboard Climber 2

3. Alpha Munchies Typing

4. Ghost Typing

5. Jump Key

6. Typing Rocket

7. Keyboard Challenge

8. Sky Chase

9. Keyboard Invasion

10. Keyboarding Zoo 2


1. Nitro Type (At school, play as a GUEST - NO EXCEPTIONS)

2. Key Hero

3. Typing Test






5. Lightbot

*Codemonkey is no longer offering games without an account

Digital Classroom/Digital Field Trips

Library Policies and Vision


The Library Media Center serves as the school’s physical and virtual center for active and engaged learning. As an integral part of the school community, the program supports student achievement through inquiry-based instruction, collaborative learning and innovative thinking, with a focus on literacies for the digital age.


Students visit the library media center two times each week: once for a library media lesson and once for book selection.

Library media lessons cover four main goals:

  • Inquiry-based learning (research) and communicating new knowledge
  • Digital citizenship
  • Developing technology skills and understanding concepts
  • Reading for pleasure and personal growth

Library Policies:

Students borrow one book per week. Occasionally the library paraprofessional will allow students to check out two books or a book and a magazine. Students may also borrow audiobooks on CD with a signed parental consent form.
Overdue library materials must be returned or paid for before a students can borrow new materials.

Student Links

For Class


Grades 1 and 2

1. Ducky Trouble

2. Cupcake Bugs

3. Astrobubbles

4. Keyboarding Kickstart

5. Penguin Type

6. (coming soon)

7. Keyman

8. Keyboard Ninja (Play 'Home Row' and 'Easy')

9. TypeFast (use Easy and Easy words - still tricky though!)

Digital Citizenship Games

1. Computer Words

2. Cyber 5

3. BrainPop Jr: Computers

4. BrainPop Jr: Internet Safety

5. BrainPop: Cyberbullying

BrainPop Information

Username: southingtonsees

Password: brainpop


Grades 3 and 4

Keyboarding Practice

1. TypeOut Race

2. Penguin Tap

3. Type a Song

4. Keyman

5. Type Type Revolution

6. Fire Typer

7. Type Toss

8. Keyboard Ninja

9. Baron Von TypeFast

Digital Citizenship

1. Webonauts

2. Digital Compass

3. BrainPop: Digital Citizenship Unit

BrainPop Information

Username: southingtonsees

Password: brainpop

Grade 5

Digital Citizenship:

1. Digital Compass

2. Digizen

3. BrainPop: Digital Citizen Unit BrainPop Information...Username: southingtonsees, Password: brainpop

Typing Skills

1. Zombie Defender

2. Type Type Revolution

3. Type Toss

4. Keyboard Ninja

5. Baron Von TypeFast