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ABC Order

Fiction books in the Library Media Center are organized alphabetically by the first three letters of the author's last name. You can practice your ABC order skills using these websites:

Using a Dictionary!

Internet down and you need to know how to spell a word or find out what it means?? Then use a Dictionary!!

How to use:
Guide Words are found at the top of each page. They tell you the first and last word that is found on that page.
How do the guidewords help you quickly find a word? Don't waste time looking at each word on a page! Just look at the guide words and then use what you know about alphabetizing words to decide if your word would be found on the page.

** Practice

1. Use a dictionary!

2. "How to use a dictionary" - learn how to use a dictionary and practice with guide words

3. "Test tutor" - on this site you practice locating guide words and decide what words should appear on the page

4. "Guide Words to the Stars" - test your dictionary skills for guide words all the way to the top