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Type to Learn 4

TTL 4 is the new web-based version that the students in Grades 2-5 are using. Students are introduced to the program in school but they can also use the program at home and it will keep track of their progress.

If you want to have your child use it at home, you will need to download it to your home computer. It is a very large file and will take a long time to load.

Connect to the Sunburst website

Follow the instructions:

Student use at home procedures

# 107482

Select the instructions for either a PC or MAC. It may require that you install updates. Also, your settings may prevent the program from loading and you will have to adjust them.

It is a very large file and may take over an hour to load but once it is done it will place an icon on your desktop and allow your child to access the program the same as in school.

Your child will need to log in with his username, a combination of the 1st 3 letters of his last name and his student number.

You will need the district code to download this program. Your child will be given this information with her username and password on a take-home sheet when she logs on initially at school.