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Grade 2

Grade 3 - Connecticut

Net States

Connecticut Women's Hall of Fame

Other Webites for The United States

More information about some Famous Nutmeggers

(always scroll down the webpage)

Ethan Allen

Adriaen Block

George W. Bush

Samuel Colt

Prudence Crandall

Ella Grasso

Nathan Hale

Dorothy Hamill

Thomas Hooker

Elias Howe

Isaac Hull

Charles Ives

Frederick Law Olmstead

Rebecca Lobo

Amelia Simmons

Judge Reeve Tapping

Mark Twain

Chief Uncas

Joseph Wadsworth

Noah Webster

Eli Whitney

Elihu Yale

Grade 4 - Economy Activities

Let's start at the beginning by checking out this website to read about bartering.


That was short! Have you ever bartered? What was that "economic decision" that you made?

An activity about bartering. Escape from Bartering Island.

Let's read a little more. Click on this link and followall the links to read about bartering and currency.History of Money

Follow the link to go to the page for Econopolis.

Here is a fun activity about money. Practice earning, saving and spending money.

Money Metropolis

There are other activities under the Games tab on the Money Metropolis page.

How would it be if we had to make our own money that we use? Let's try it!

Weave a Virtual Wampum Belt.

What was your design? This link shows you some examples of how a wampum belt might look. Wampum Chronicles

What would your money look like if you created your own currency?

Try it with You Look Like a Million Bucks.

Grade 5 - Revolutionary War

Animal Research

Click on this link above to look for an ebook.
Remember: username: the school so nice we named it twice!
password: the school so nice we named it twice!

PebbleGo information about many different animals.
Rememder: username-our school password: what we like to do


Website Evaluations

Grade 3 - Rocks and Minerals

Grade 4 - States

Grade 5 - Science Projects



Science Activities


Glossary of plant terms





Inclined Planes

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