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Summer Academy 2021

Grades K-5 Program and Classes


Hello Everyone!

This year's program will feature two types of courses -remediation and enrichment. Remediation courses are designed to promote skills development in literacy and math. Enrichment courses are designed to promote inquiry and creativity. There's a lot of staff ready to help out and we're going to host this year's program at a larger venue. I hope you find success in this year's summer academy. 

Dave DeStefano


Students Currently in Grades K - 5


Remediation Courses

  • Literacy
  • Math
Enrichment Courses
  • See below


DePaolo Middle School


No Cost


Module 1: July 6th - 15th (8 days)

  • July 6th - 9th
  • July 12th - 15th

Module 2: July 19th - 29th (8 days)

  • July 19th - 22nd
  • July 26th - 29th


9:00 – 12:00 p.m.

Session A: 9:00 - 10:30 a.m.
Session B: 10:30 - 12:00 p.m.
15-minute break built in during the session with teacher present

NOTE: Transportation will be offered this summer. More details to come (TBD)
Snacks are not provided for this program

2021 Courses

Remediation courses will be available for students entering grades 1 - 6.
These courses will target Literacy and/or Math and will be available for both sessions. Your child may be recommended to take one or both of these courses.

If your child is recommended to take just one remediation course you may be recommended to supplement your child with an enrichment course for the other session. 


Course Grades Instructor Module Session
Pinspiration K-1 Mrs. Hubeny 1 A or B
Animals and Their Habitat K-1 Ms. Merkle 1 or 2 A or B
Innovation Creation and Science Exploration K-1 Mrs. Gosselin 2 A or B
All-Star Kiddos K-1 Ms. Petro 2 A or B
Adventure Sports, Skills and Games 2-3 Miss Chamberland 1 or 2 A or B
Coding With Dash and Dot Robots 2-3 Ms. Fandel 1A or 2B
Magic of Fairy Tales 2-3 Ms. Gazaferi 1 or 2 A or B
Bob the Builder STEM 2-3 Ms. Bernaiche 1 or 2 A
Maker Space LEGO Camp 2-3 Ms. Fandel 1B or 2A
Ocean Adventures 2-3 Miss. Valentine 2 B
"The Challenge" 4-5 Ms. Bernaiche 1 or 2 B
Windows and Mirrors Multicultural Book Club 4-5 Ms. Butler 1 A or B
Storybook STEM 4-5 Ms. Chabot 1 or 2 A
Pinspiration 4-5 Mrs. Hubeny 2 A or B
Harry Potter STEM 4-5 Miss Valentine 2 A
Acting Out 4-5 Ms. Chabot 1 or 2 B

*Sessions A or B may be repetitive content and will be offered as 'A or B'.


Registration must be completed by Monday, June 14th.

Please note that should a course be full, then the registration will note the course as being (FULL) and choosing a full course will place you on a wait list.

If your child requires an epipen or inhaler, please visit our health forms page and download the medical forms that will be needed for the program.

Contact information: Direct phone: (860) 882-2398.
E-mail: David Destefano