Southington Public Schools

Summer Enrichment

Grades K-5 Program and Classes

Dear Parent/Guardian and Student:

The Board of Education will offer another great year of elementary-level summer enrichment. Parents or guardians, wishing to satisfy their child’s curiosity and promote collaborative skills, will be able to register their children in an enrichment class at various grade levels.


Students Entering Grades Pre-K - 6


July 8th - 26th, 2019
Monday – Friday


Hatton Elementary School


$175 per student/session -OR-

$285 per double session


$50 sibling discount


9:00 – 12:00 p.m.

Session A: 9:00 - 10:30 a.m.
Session B: 10:30 - 12:00 p.m.
20-minute break built in during the session with teacher present

NOTE: Transportation and snacks are not provided for this program

2019 Registration Forms Available in late March

2018 Courses Grade Level
Innovation Creation & Science ExplorationK - 1Ms. Bacchus---
All-Star KiddosK - 1 Ms. Petro ---
Become a ZoologistK - 2 Ms. Petro ---
PinspirationK - 2Miss Velodota---
From Seed to Plant1 - 3 Ms. Bacchus---
Creative Writing 1 - 3 Mrs. Padroff ---
Creative Recycling1 - 3 Miss Dauphin---
Cooks & Books1 - 3 Mrs. Raposa ---
Mandala Makers1 - 3 Mr. Pribila ---
Storybook STEM1 - 3 Miss Rogalski---
Theater and Performance3 - 5 Miss Rogalski---
Mathematical Mindsets3 - 5 Mrs. Smith---
Pinspiration3 - 5 Miss Velodota---
Paper Craft Creations3 - 5 Mrs. Vance---
Duct Tape Entrepreneur3 - 5Mrs. Vance---
Woodworking3 - 6 Mr. Arru ---
Robotics3 - 6 Mr. Arru ---
Harry Potter: STEM3 - 6Miss Valentine---
Creative Writing 4 - 6 Mrs. Padroff---
Kitchen Kids4 - 6 Mrs. Raposa
Mandala Makers4 - 6 Mr. Pribila---
Board Game Bosses4 - 6 Miss Dauphin---

*Sessions A or B may be repetitive content and will be offered as 'A or B'.


  • Must complete registration and medical forms.
  • Check or money orders payable to Southington Board of Education Activity Account.
  • No Cash Please!
  • Return registration forms and tuition to the main office of your child’s school or send to

    Dave DeStefano, Summer School Director
    Southington High School
    720 Pleasant Street
    Southington, CT 06489

Any paper forms and tuition for the registration should be submitted to your child’s school in a labeled envelope or forwarded to Mr. DeStefano by June 7th, 2019.

If your child requires an epipen or inhaler, please visit our health forms page and download the medical forms that will be needed for the program.

Contact information: Summer school office prior to June 7th: (860) 628-3229 ext. 11428.
After June 25th: (860) 628-XXXX ext. XXXX. E-mail: