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School Session Times

Grades K-12

Early DismissalDelayed Opening
SchoolRegular DayPlannedEmergencyStandard (2-hr)Extended (3-hr)
High School
Southington High7:32am-2:15pm7:32am-12:15pm 7:32am-11:15am 9:32am-2:15pm10:32am-2:15pm
Karen Smith Academy7:40am-1:10pm7:40am-11:50am 7:40am-10:50am 9:40am-1:10pm10:40am-1:10pm
Middle Schools
DePaolo, Kennedy8:05am-2:40pm8:05am-12:45pm8:05am-11:45am10:05am-2:40pm11:05am-2:40pm
Elementary Schools
Early Elementary
Flanders, Hatton,
Oshana, South
End, Thalberg
8:35am-3:05pm8:35am-1:10pm 8:35am-12:10pm10:35am-3:05pm 11:35am-3:05pm
Late Elementary
Derynoski, Kelley,
8:55am-3:25pm8:55am-1:30pm 8:55am-12:30pm 10:55am-3:25pm 11:55am-3:25pm

Delayed Openings
If the opening of school is delayed, the Standard Delayed Opening will be two-hours. In certain circumstances, an Extended Delayed Opening may be necessary. An Extended Delayed Opening will be three-hours. With any delayed opening, there will be no morning preschool.

Early Dismissal ~ Emergency
In the event of an early dismissal due to an emergency (weather, power outage, etc.), the district will follow the times indicated in the chart.


Early DismissalDelayed Opening
SchoolRegular DayPlannedEmergencyStandard (2-hr)Extended (3-hr)
Preschool ~ HATTON *See below regarding Early Dismissal Clarification
AM Session8:35am-11:15am8:35am-10:25am8:35am-10:25amCanceledCanceled
PM Session 12:25pm-3:05pm11:20am-1:10pmCanceled12:25pm-3:05pm 12:25pm-3:05pm
Preschool ~ STRONG *See below regarding Early Dismissal Clarification
AM Session9:05am-11:45am9:05am-10:50am9:05am-10:50am Canceled Canceled
PM Session12:55pm-3:35pm12:55pm-1:30pmCanceled12:55pm-3:35pm12:55pm-3:35pm

Early Release Tuesday’s for Staff Professional Development ~ Preschool will run on a REGULAR DAY schedule.

Elementary Conference Days and other shortened day(s) prior to holiday ~ Preschool will follow the above, Planned Early Dismissal schedule.