Southington Public Schools Residency Requirements





Residency verification is required for all families who are entering the school district, as well as any family that moves to a new address in Southington.

When entering the district as a new student, residency documents will be reviewed by the district registrar during your appointment.

Families moving to another address within town are required to bring the documents to the school office for verification so our student database can be updated. Address Change Verification Form

  1. If you own your home you must present a current Southington mortgage statement or bill, copy of the Southington Home Property Tax Statement, or the title page of the current homeowner's insurance policy.
  2. If you rent, you must present a current rental or lease agreement.
  3. In addition to 1 or 2, you must provide copy of one current utility bill (electricity, gas or water/sewer showing service address).
  4. If the student and the parent/guardian are living in a dwelling that is rented or owned and occupied by another person, you must make an appointment with the district registrar (860-628-3204) to complete a Certificate of Residency document. The person who owns or rents the dwelling must accompany the parent/guardian to this appointment and provide residency verification documentation mentioned above and photo identification.

Verification of residency must be completed before the student will be admitted to any Southington Public School.