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English as a Second Language - ESL

Free classes for Adults

Tuesdays and Thursdays
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

The ESL course has been designed for adults needing basic skills and language to function effectively, and for people whose native language is not English.

The computer lab is available to all students registered in the above class.

Please call Adult Education if you have any questions about these classes at 860-628-3379 Option 2.

Overview of Lessons

Classes will be based on relevant themes, often following calendar, holidays, current events, and/or seasons. Instructor will seek input from students as to areas/skills where they feel they need the most help.

Instruction will be differentiated to accommodate a variety of learning levels and styles to meet the following goals:

  • Increase knowledge of English vocabulary
  • Facilitate conversation using English vocabulary
  • Facilitate writing using English vocabulary and conventions
  • Increase comprehension of current events
  • Increase understanding of other cultures
  • Develop individual students' confidence when interacting in the community
  • Increase fluency in reading
  • Reinforce daily living skills
  • Increase confidence in listening and speaking skills

Classes will incorporate:

  • Social interaction with peers (conversation, questioning techniques)
  • DOL activities (Daily Oral Language)
  • Read aloud for fluency and comprehension
  • Reading for information
  • Writing to communicate
  • Targeted vocabulary instruction
  • Cultural awareness

*Classes will sometimes be held off-site, for interaction in the community.