Human Resource Forms

Most forms can be completed utilizing a word processing program. Click on the form, fill in the requested data, then print the completed document for submission to your Principal for signature if needed. You can also save it to your "My Documents" for future reference or for attachment to an e-mail.

Classified Staff Evaluation Forms

Employee Injury

Salary Reclassification Forms

Teacher Tuition Reimbursement

Personal Day Request Forms

To submit a Personal Day Request Form, please save a copy of the appropriate form below, fill it out, and then include it as an attachment in an email to your supervisor.

Certified Staff Personal Day Request Form

Admin, Non-Certified, and Classified Staff Personal Day Request Form

Personal Day Request Form - Military Duty


Staff Member Requesting the Personal Day:

  1. Open the appropriate form.
  2. Save a copy of the form to a computer.
  3. Go to where you saved the file and open it.
    • Important: Please do not click on the file in the “Download” area of your browser. This will open the file in the wrong software.
    • If you do not see the red boxes, indicating required fields, your computer opened the file in the wrong software. To open in Adobe, right click (or Control Click) on the file and choose “Open With Adobe Reader”
  4. Complete the section of the form pertaining to your request.
  5. Save the completed form with the changes.
  6. Attach the saved personal day request form to an email and send to your building administrator AND his/her secretary.
  7. If superintendent approval is required (contractually), be sure to include the reason for the request in the email to your building administrator. This explanation is required when we submit to the superintendent for approval.

Building Administrators and Secretaries:

  1. When you open the attachment, you will complete your section, electronically sign, and date the form.
  2. Click on the EMAIL FORM TO HR button.
  3. An email will automatically open (with the personal day form attached) and be directed to
  4. Send the email.

NOTE: In the event the EMAIL does not automatically open, you will SAVE the document to your desktop or computer, then forward to my attention as an attachment.

Notification of Approval:

  1. Forms that are approved at the building level ~ you will be notified by the school secretary of the approval.
  2. Forms that require approval from the superintendent ~ the HR office will notify the staff member and copy the school secretary when approved (or denied).
  3. When the forms are emailed to the HR office, we electronically send them for processing to the payroll department. The payroll office will not be accepting any forms unless they are filtered through the HR office via the process outlined above.

Other Forms