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Teen Drug Abuse Prevention

NASN (National Association of School Nurses) has organized a drug abuse prevention toolkit for parents, nurses, educators and students to access to help families fight the abuse of prescription and over the counter drugs.

Below you will find links to information, brochures, other web sites and resources to support strategies for preventing, identifying, and managing teenage prescription drug misuse and abuse.


Advice on how to initiate and conduct conversations with teenagers about the dangers of drug abuse and how to establish rules to prevent it.

A comprehensive, printable booklet containing statistics, discussions of how adolescents obtain drugs, descriptions of the most commonly misused prescription and OTC drugs, and advice on preventing drug abuse.

A chart describing commonly abused drugs, their risks, the rates and signs of abuse, and other useful facts for parents of teenagers who might be abusing drugs.

Tips for parents to prevent prescription drug abuse.

An explanation of the importance of communication between parent and teenager regarding drug abuse.

Specific advice on how to safeguard drugs in the home to prevent misuse.


A government pamphlet describing the dangers of overdosing prescription pain relievers.

An article written for teenagers about misuse of prescription drugs.

A short article from Scholastic about drug abuse in general with a special section on prescription drug abuse


A handout regarding the dangers of drug abuse, myths about drug use, and other related facts.

A lesson plan from Dr. Nora Volkow, the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, for student education regarding drug abuse.

A chart summarizing the most abused drugs and their potential effects.

A pamphlet from the National Institute on Drug Abuse on drug abuse and addiction.


"Do the Right Dose" campaign poster.

A detailed booklet describing the potentially dangerous interactions of alcohol with various other drugs.


Drug Free America Foundation, which sponsors several programs, including Students Taking Action Not Drugs (STAND):

The Partnership for a Drug-Free America, which features videos and other materials for use by parents and

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), offering abundant information for students, parents, teachers, health professionals, and researchers in English and

TeensHealth, a site that discusses all aspects of teen health, including drug

Parents 4 A Change


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