Strong School PTO Officers

Angelique Bilodeau

Jennifer Kocse

Leanne Kennedy

Stephanie Staszewski

Lauren Marino

Meredith Fenwick

A child is like a seed.
A parent adds water and love,
and nurtures the seed to take root.
A teacher adds the sun and nourishment
that makes the seed grow.
Together, they help this seed grow into a
Strong tree.


The Strong School P.T.O. is made up of volunteers who sponsor a wide variety of activities throughout the school year. Educational equipment and supplies are also funded by the P.T.O.

We have meetings on the second Wednesday of every month, once school is in session, from 7:00 to 8:00 P.M. Free babysitting for children over three years of age is available. Meetings are held in the Cafeteria. Everyone who would like to find out news about the school is invited to attend.

Our mission is to encourage communication between parents, teachers and students, in an effort to enhance the educational experience.

As a school which always strives for excellence, we need volunteers who will help out and support our efforts. The opportunity to become a part of your child's scholastic learning experience only comes once.

Thank you for visiting our website. Come and join us at our next meeting. Hope to see you there!

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