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Harlem Rockets NIght at SHS

The Harlem Rockets, a basketball team will visit several Southington Schools during the day to promote healthy lifestyles and drug free messages to students.  An evening game is planned at SHS West Gym on Monday, April 3.  Click here for more information.  All ages are invited to watch the Southington Police and Fire Departments play against this world renowned team.  For more information, contact Trish Kenefick at

This year, the Southington Drug Task Force is pleased to offer parents links to a Talk Series.  Each month will have focus on 4 ways to get your teen and yourself to communicate.  Click here to go to the page.

Information for Parents:

Advice on how to initiate and conduct conversations with teenagers about the dangers of drug abuse and how to establish rules to prevent it.

A comprehensive, printable booklet containing statistics, discussions of how adolescents obtain drugs, descriptions of the most commonly misused prescription and OTC drugs, and advice on preventing drug abuse.

A chart describing commonly abused drugs, their risks, the rates and signs of abuse, and other useful facts for parents of teenagers who might be abusing drugs.

Tips for parents to prevent prescription drug abuse.

An explanation of the importance of communication between parent and teenager regarding drug abuse.

A discussion of how teenagers obtain prescription drugs (not prescribed for them) and how parents can help prevent this.

A comprehensive booklet containing advice and resources for parents to help them in preventing drug misuse by their teenaged children. Produced in Ann Arbor, MI, it contains good advice for parents everywhere.

brochure describing the problem of teen prescription and over-the-counter drug misuse, the signs to look for, and safeguards against drug misuse that parents can institute.

Specific advice on how to safeguard drugs in the home to prevent misuse.

Descriptions of the effects misuse of various prescription drugs can have, with a link for online help and information.

Information for Students:

 A government pamphlet describing the dangers of overdosing prescription pain relievers.

A confidential on-line self-test for teenagers to take to identify drug problems:

An article written for teenagers about misuse of prescription drugs.

A chart illustrating the effects of stimulants and depressants on different parts and functions of the body.

A short article from Scholastic about drug abuse in general with a special section on prescription drug abuse

An online service of the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign that offers information, fact sheets, games and posters for teens with a special section on early intervention:

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