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 Derynoski Elementary School Health Office


Beth Fordini RN

Andrea Jenkins

 Phone: 860-628-3293              Fax: 860-628-3381

Our nursing role as a liaison among students, family, health care providers, educators and support staff fosters each student to achieve their highest level of academic success.


Physical Requirements

Before entering Kindergarten, a complete physical exam is required after September 1st of the previous school year and is due by the first day of school.  This physical must be filled out on the required State of CT Dept. of Education Health Assessment Record (Blue Form).


Connecticut law requires students to have certain immunizations upon entering school. Please check with your physician to assure that your child is up to date.

Annual Screenings

Vision:    Grades K through 5

Hearing:  Grades K through 3 and grade 5.

Postural:  Grade 5

(Referrals will be sent home for any results that require physician evaluation. Please return the form to the nurse as indicated.)


•  Medications may be given in school by a school nurse or in their absence a principal or teacher that has been trained in medication administration.  MD orders are required for prescription and non-prescriptions medications to be administered.

•  Medications must be in a pharmacy labeled container.  The pharmacist will prepare two separate bottles if the medication is given at home and at school.

•  An adult must bring all medications to and from school.  All medications are kept in the school health office unless there is a self administration MD order (prescription and over-the-counter).

•  All medication should be picked up within one week following termination of an order or at  the end of the school year by an adult.

Classroom Celebrations

Many students are on special diets and not able to partake in food celebrations. We ask for the cooperation and assistance of parents/guardians with the following alternative to food suggestions.  

•  Provide age appropriate pencils, bookmarks, crayons, safe favors, play dough, etc.

•  Arrange with you child’s teacher to come to school as a ‘Guest Reader’ to celebrate the special day.

•  Donate a book to the library in honor of your child's birthday.

•  No matter what, please be sure to confer with your child’s teacher to ensure that any item you wish to send in is safe for that classroom.


Emergency Medical and Contact Authorization Form – Is sent home the 1st week of school for parent/guardian to fill out and return to nurse. It provides emergency contact information and authorizes school to render emergency treatment if necessary. It also informs school staff of health issues or allergies to be aware of and manage in school.  

Reporting Absences

Please report your child’s absence to the main office – 860-628-3286.

Please include any diagnosis of contagious illnesses, which will allow us to track clusters  of illness in the classrooms.

Notify School Nurse

In order for your child’s health needs to be met in the school environment, please notify the nurse of any health concern you may have.

If your child sustains an injury and is seen by a physician, it is important that a note is obtained from the doctor stating any restrictions (physical education, recess, stairs) and the length of restriction time.

Notify the nurse if your child has started a daily medication at home or was given a medication before school that may have an impact on their day.


Your child’s health and wellness are at the heart of our nursing services.


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