Assignment Books --Please check

Reading Logs - --Students are required to read 20 minutes each night. Please sign the log when students have completed their reading time.   (Reading time will increase as the year goes on.)

Notes: You can reach me by emailing me ( or by sending in a note. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Homework:  Your children will receive a variety of homework during the week.  Please check over the work and if your child is having problems, please let me know and I will review the concepts with him/her.

Tests:  Science /Social Studies tests will be posted in their planners******Math test will come home for review.  Please sign and return the following school day.

Studying with your child:  Reviewing of materials is a great way to study. Social Studies and Science lend themselves to a study guide.  Once completed and reviewed those guides will go home. Math does not require a study guide.  The best way to study for math is to have the children explain to you what they did in the class each day.  This will help to review materials and keep it fresh in their minds.  Most of the time worksheets will go home that pertain to the curriuculum concepts we are teaching.

Helping your child to be organized:

Find a great place for your child to use as a homework/study nook.

Choose a time for studying that works well for your family.

Have the appropriate materials handy for completion of work.

Homework occurs every night - even if there is not anything under all of the subjects -- YOUR CHILD CAN READ, WRITE A STORY AND PRACTICE MULTIPLICATION TABLES.

Your child should not  be doing homework for more than 40-60 minutes each night. If your child is having any trouble, please let me know. ( Most of the night - homework will not require that full amount of time)

When done with homework - pack up all of the materials that need to go back to school and place in your backpack.  This way everything is organized and ready to go.

Empty out your child's backpack every night for papers/notices that do not need to come back to school.

Getting Involved with Flanders School

  • · Join the PTO - membership
  • · Come to a PTO meeting
  • · Help with an activity sponsored by the PTO
  • · Volunteer to read in your child's class for a birthday celebration
  • · Volunteer to help the teacher with reading, writing, or in math areas
  • · Save box tops for our school
  • ·


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